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Personal journeys
 How can I be born again?
 I have been a lesbian for years. Is it a sin when I only want love in this world - not sex? It so happens that my heart chose to love a woman not a man. I believe God is present when there is love.
 How can I control doubt when something I'm expecting seems not to be coming in time? This is shaking my belief.
 Now that we are truth seekers, how do we now pick up our cross and follow Jesus after walking a life of error in religion? How do we experience heaven right here on earth?
 If a fragment of God's spirit is in our mind then why are bad thoughts passing my mind even without intentionally thinking of them?
 Does God want us to be dependent on him financially? Is it the will of the Father that we are to be poor by earthly standards? When I consider my financial state, I find that there is not too little and not too much.
 The idea of infinity and God really frightens me. I feel like I'm going to die or cease to exist.
 I was wondering if smoking pot is disobeying the scripture that says we should not defile our temples which we know is our bodies; I mean, we do put it in our lungs which could cause lung cancer along with other things ... thanks
 Don't you find this path of the truth (the full truth) a bit lonely?
 Why am I living?
 What does The Urantia Book say about soul mates? I've been having a hard time finding a woman to have a relationship with.
 How do I know if I am on the same path as Jesus; and how do I understand where I am at and where I am headed?
 How does Jesus destroy addictions?
 If you were to be a Urantia Book street evangelist what would be your message. And if you had a little brochure to pass out what would it say? The Urantia Book is a breath of fresh air to my soul.
 I sometimes dream about having sex with a man and some people say that he is a spirit husband. I am married and I don't intend leaving my husband. What do I do and what do you think about this?
 How can I stop my self from thinking?
 I have a grandaughter aged 30, a single mother, and as a family we help and love her. Yet she says that no one cares for her. She sets one against another. She knows she is loved yet is never at peace. How does one deal with this?
 All my life, I have been working for my family, and suddenly I got a chance to apply for a better job, but I failed. I am disappointed in myself. How can I encourage myself to move on, so that I can fulfill my dreams in life?
 My question is: How can I be successful in life since the work I'm doing is nothing to write home about? Also, how can I live healthier?
 Is sex without being married bad? Should we be monogamous?
 Where was I before I was here on Earth? Did I choose my parents?
 I am a Doubting Thomas. As much as I want to believe, it is all way too deep for me. What can I do to be a true believer?
 How can one make a living while contributing to the enlightenment?
 If I am considered not very intelligent now, will I be more intelligent after I die?
 Two Questions about Anger, Hate and Bigotry
 If a person has had memories of a pre-existence for most of life, how do they find meaning within this? Please help. It is so very confusing. No, I am not psychotic.
 Is it true that the more you ask for God's guidance and the chance to change for the better, the more you receive tougher trials?
 How do you move on when surrounded by circumstances which reminds you of a past life?
 Why are we born? What is the purpose of living? Why am I living?
 I am searching for Peace everywhere but still, I never get it.
 How can I change my life richer?
 I don't understand why, if this is our introductory life, why some people are born disposed to mental illness? How unfair. How can an individual "do the will of God" in this context?
 Reply to a desperate young Truth-Seeker
 Who Am I, Really?
 Our degree of self-control is the measure of our soul. Is it cheating to use medications to increase ones control of emotions like anger, sexual lust, anxiety or any other emotional unbalance?
 How can I continually do what is right and also please the lord? I always find myself doing what I do not want to do, and it is killing me. Please help me.
 Forgiving is one of the hardest thing to do to be able to fully submit yourself to God. What is the first step that I should do that will lead me in forgiving someone?
 With such a focus on bestowal missions in The Urantia Book, how can you know whether you are just human or if you are a divinely bestowed personality?
 My best friend's son was born blind. Is there anyway I can learn to heal so that maybe I can help others to believe?
 What kind of attitude should we Urantians have regarding problems like pornography, alcohol and drugs?
 I am so small, how can I ever be accepted in God's world?
 10 years ago I had an abortion. I really regret what I did and I wonder what has happened to the soul of the child. How can I come to terms with what I did and will I meet my child after death?
 Is masturbation wrong?
 How can I change my inner life?
 Can I move things around me by just imaging it in my mind? Would GOD give me that talent?
 My life is a mess. Everything I do fails. I'm tired of all this failure. They say I attract negative spirits...what are they and how do I overcome them? Please help...
 I feel a sort of emptiness in me. I can't find a reason to live. Please advise
 Does God forgive adultery? I was truly in love with this man, still am, although I am no longer in the relationship. I know it was wrong, regardless of my love for him, and am profoundly sorry and overwhelmingly ashamed and terribly guilt ridden.
 How can I define and understand my life's mission?
 How do I know what to do with my life?
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