Adam & Eve Were Not the First Humans on Earth

What is the truth about Adam and Eve? The Bible teaches that Adam and Eve were the first created beings to inhabit earth. But, were they? The Urantia Book teaches that people have been on this planet for nearly a million years before Adam and Eve came here. The first race resembled our modern day Eskimos. The book teaches that Adam and Eve came here about 38,000 years ago to a world inhabited with tens of millions.

Do You Know?

…who were Adam and Eve?

Their names are titles. From The Urantia Book we learn that the names Adam and Eve are titles given to a classification of human-like beings whose responsibility is, among other things…
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…the truth about original sin and the Fall of Man?

There has been no “fall of man.” The history of the human race is one of progressive evolution, and the Adamic bestowal left the world peoples…
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…the Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve were amazing and influential higher beings long shrouded in mystery and speculation until now. The Urantia Book reveals their true identities and their true purposes. You’ll find the full story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden a riveting slice of earth history that encompasses, love, devotion, betrayal, loss, death, and redemption. This section of the book is an easy read that will completely change your mind about world history.