Most all funny stories are submitted by visitors like you. Most of these have no direct reference in The Urantia Book, but laughing is directly referenced in the book:

“Joyful mirth and the smile-equivalent are as universal as music. There is a morontial and a spiritual equivalent of mirth and laughter. The ascendant life is about equally divided between work and play – freedom from assignment. 48:4.1

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Some Funny Stories & Joke Topics

What did Jesus Think of Humor?

Jesus once said to Thomas: “My people take themselves too seriously; they are just about devoid of an appreciation of humor.”

“Jesus greatly enjoyed the keen sense of humor which these gentiles exhibited. It was the sense of humor displayed by Norana, the Syrian woman, as well as her great and persistent faith, that so touched the Master’s heart…and appealed to his mercy. Jesus greatly regretted that his people – the Jews – were so lacking in humor.” 156:2.8

Is Humor a Safety Valve

“Humor should function as an automatic safety valve to prevent the building up of excessive pressures due to the monotony of sustained and serious self-contemplation in association with the intense struggle for developmental progress…and noble achievement. It also functions to lessen the shock of the unexpected impact of fact or of truth, rigid unyielding fact and flexible ever-living truth. The mortal personality, never sure as to which will next be encountered, through humor swiftly grasps…” 48:4.18