Why Won’t the Myth of Atlantis Die?

Watch the Video  The lack of evidence for its existence hasn’t stopped people from hunting for it. A National Geographic video says Atlantis is the stuff of modern fare like Journey to the Center of the Earth and the recent Netflix series Ancient Apocalypse. The story is the brainchild of the Greek philosopher Plato, who featured the island in two of his Socratic dialogues from the fourth century B.C.”

The Urantia Book says: “This “brainchild” of Plato just happens to parallel in many respects the description of the Garden of Eden in The Urantia Book.” Watch The Video from Robert Sarmast that pinpoints the location of the first Garden of Eden. In it, Robert relates his experiences over a period of ten-plus years, looking for Atlantis/Eden on the seafloor of the Mediterranean Ocean in his expeditions. With the latest underwater maps, he states with confidence that he has found it. Enjoy this video, complete with Urantia Book passages that corroborate his proof.

20 Amazing Facts About Space & Astronomy

What do lemons and raspberries have to do with space, just how dense is a neutron star and how powerful is a gamma-ray burst? Space is vast, and filled with weird and wonderful things. Some of the bizarre inhabitants and phenomena of our Universe are more astounding than even the most extreme sci-fi or space movie.

This selection of some of the most mind-boggling facts about our cosmos takes a bite-sized look at our intriguing planet, Moon, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe. Read More

The Urantia Book says: ‘… the frank, honest, and fearless search for true causes gave birth to modern science: It turned astrology into astronomy, alchemy into chemistry, and magic into medicine.Read More

Proof of Evolution You Can Find on Your Body

Click Here to Watch the Video and discover how the human body reveals compelling evidence of evolution. By examining its intricacies, we uncover remnants of our animal ancestors.”

The Urantia Book says, “And yet some of the less imaginative of your mortal mechanists insist on viewing material creation and human evolution as an accident. The Urantia midwayers have assembled over fifty thousand facts of physics and chemistry which they deem to be incompatible with the laws of accidental chance, and which they contend unmistakably demonstrate the presence of intelligent purpose in the material creation. And all of this takes no account of their catalogue of more than one hundred thousand findings outside the domain of physics and chemistry which they maintain prove the presence of mind in the planning, creation, and maintenance of the material cosmos.

Click to See The Evolutionary Panorama:

The Science of Well-Being, for Teens

Psychology Professor Dr. Laurie Santos, the psychology professor behind Yale University’s most popular course, recently launched a free six-week version of the class aimed at teenagers, called “The Science of Well-Being for Teens.” It was developed to address rising rates of anxiety, depression and suicide rates for kids between ninth and 12th grade, Santos says. Read More

The Urantia Book says: “And Jesus, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder, said: “No, son, not with words but with longing looks did you appeal to my heart. My boy, to one who loves his fellows there is an eloquent appeal for help in your countenance of discouragement and despair. Sit down with me while I tell you of the service trails and happiness highways which lead from the sorrows of self to the joys of loving activities in the brotherhood of men and in the service of the God of heaven.” Read More 


Independence Day

Independence and Free Will

Happy Independence Day 2023!  New research findings, combined with philosophy, suggest free will is real but may not operate in the ways people expect. Free Will is only an illusion if you are, too. Read More

The Urantia Book says: “Self-consciousness consists in intellectual awareness of personality actuality; it includes the ability to recognize the reality of other personalities. It indicates capacity for individualized experience in and with cosmic realities, equivalating to the attainment of identity status in the personality relationships of the universe. Self-consciousness connotes recognition of the actuality of mind ministration and the realization of relative independence of creative and determinative free will.”  Read More

Summer Solstice and The Seasons

The Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere is known as the longest day of the year, This year Wed. June 21, explore why this astronomical event is called the summer solstice and how it is used to measure time. Watch Video  

 The Urantia Book says: “Seasons and temperature variations occur on all sunlighted and sun-heated planets. Agriculture is universal on all atmospheric worlds; tilling the soil is the one pursuit that is common to the advancing races of all such planets.”  Read More

Positive Experiences in Close Relationships Lead to Better Physical Health

From Science Daily, “New research examines the effects of positive and negative relationship experiences on the body, as well as how these experiences and health outcomes change from day to day.”  Read More

From Truthbook’s Reader’s Questions: Would you encourage outspokenness in relationships? Read the Answer

Watch the Amazing Masaka Kids Africana

Watch The Masaka Kids Africana perform HERE. Composed of African children, from the age of 2 and up, many have lost one or both parents through the devastation of war, famine and disease. They represent all the children of a continent and they demonstrate the potential of African children to become strong leaders for a better future in their land. The children melt the hearts of audiences with their charming smiles and delightful African tunes, accompanied by vibrant dance moves.

The Urantia Book says: “Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits. Harmony is the speech of Havona.”  READ MORE

Inspiring Stories About Mothers

Truthbook features many wonderful stories submitted by readers.

Happy Mother’s Day! From a story about mothers: “I know now what appreciation is. Without my mother, I would not be who I am today. By helping my mother, only now do I realize how difficult and tough it is to get something done on your own. And I have come to appreciate the importance and value of helping one’s family.” Read More

From The Urantia Book: “The presence of a helpless baby determined the early differentiation of male and female activities; the woman had to maintain a settled residence where she could cultivate the soil. And from earliest times, where woman was has always been regarded as the home.”

Does God Have a Plan for Your Life?

 Some religionists believe that God does not have a plan for our lives, that to be subject to such a plan would mean that we cannot exercise our freewill. This article from patheos.com (a project of beliefnet) states that ‘God Does NOT Have A Plan For Your Life’. Children are born and eventually learn to live. Telling people God has a special plan for them is taking away their free choice before it can be exercised.”  Read More

The Urantia Book teaches us that God DOES have a plan for your life. It is a definite and predetermined plan for your intellectual and spiritual development – model careers, the ideal lives. But does that mean you cannot exercise your free will?    “It is not incumbent upon any human being to accept this plan. You are all subjects of predestination, but it is not foreordained that you must accept this divine predestination; you are at full liberty to reject any part or all of the Thought Adjusters’ program. It is their mission to effect such mind changes and to make such spiritual adjustments as you may willingly and intelligently authorize, to the end that they may gain more influence over the personality directionization; but under no circumstances do these divine Monitors ever take advantage of you or in any way arbitrarily influence you in your choices and decisions.