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From a 5 Star Reviewer

Do Jesus freaks scare you? Me too. They’ve given Jesus a bad name. But the true story of Jesus, which this book purports to tell, will change your opinion of Jesus and will reveal to you his universal message. The story includes the “missing years” and details about all of his life and what he preached and why. The paintings included in the book are mostly commissioned works from the top artists alive today. The layout makes this easy to read. The book is exquisite and the price comes no where near the cost or value of the book. This was developed as a labor of love from people who want to make the message accessible to everyone. Anyone who is interested in what this life is all about or theology/cosmology should check it out. Really well done!

The untold story of jesus



Features from The Untold Story of Jesus

106 Paintings

42 Commissioned New Paintings

New Maps of Jesus’ Travels

The Complete Story of His Life

Intro to The Urantia Book