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The Religion Of Jesus

The religion of Jesus is the most powerful unifying influence the world has ever known.

The Urantia Book(194:3.17)

About The Urantia Book and Urantia

The Urantia Book presents the reader with the origin, history, and destiny of humanity. It answers questions about God, life in the inhabited universe, science, astronomy, the history and future of this world, Adam and Eve, and it includes an uplifting and greatly expanded narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus. This narrative of Jesus’ life is sourced from spiritual beings who were present during Jesus’ life and who have preserved these records for presentation in The Urantia Book and in our modern times.

Building on the world’s religious heritage, The Urantia Book describes an endless destiny for humankind, teaching that living faith is the key to personal spiritual progress and eternal survival as an immortal being. It also describes God’s plan for the progressive evolution of individuals, human society, and the universe as a whole.

Urantia (pronounced: you ran chah) is the universe name for Earth. The word Urantia translates to “your place in the universe.” Urantia is the sentimental shrine of all Nebadon (the name of our universe). Urantia is but one planet of ten million inhabitable worlds and is the mortal home of Christ Michael (Jesus of Nazareth), sovereign creator and ruler of all we see.Read More.

Spirituality Linked to Better Health

A study by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health is the most rigorous and
comprehensive analysis to date of scientific literature on health and spirituality.
Overlooking spirituality in health care leaves patients feeling disconnected from the health care system and from the clinicians caring for them. Asking about a patient & spirituality should be part of patient-centered, value-sensitive care, new research suggests. Focusing on spirituality in health care means caring for the whole person, not just their disease. Read More

The Urantia Book says: “Spirituality enhances the ability to discover beauty in things, recognize truth in meanings, and discover goodness in values. Spiritual development is determined by capacity therefore and is directly proportional to the elimination of the selfish qualities of love.”  Read More

Jesus was Born in August!

Joshua ben Joseph, the Jewish baby, was conceived and was born into the world just as all other babies before and since except that this particular baby was the incarnation of Michael of Nebadon, a divine Son of Paradise and the creator of all this local universe of things and beings. Read more.

The Urantia Book

I Belong at Last!

The Urantia Book came to me in answer to a prayer I had made twenty years before. It hadn’t come earlier as I probably wasn’t ready for it. “From the minute I started reading I couldn’t put the book down.” Read More

What is Spiritual Experience?

The truth, beauty, and goodness of man’s world are unified by the increasing spirituality of the experience of mortals ascending toward Paradise realities. The unity of truth, beauty, and goodness can only be realized in the spiritual experience of the God-knowing personality. Read More

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