February 03, 2023

Walk with me by Greg Olsen

The Insight Of Divine Love

The religious man transcends his environment and in this way escapes the limitations of the present material world through this insight of divine love.

The Urantia Book(196:3.32).

When Did Humans First Speak?

Estimates range wildly, from as late as 50,000 years ago to as early as the beginning of the human genus more than 2 million years ago. But words leave no traces in the archaeological record. A team led by Thomas Morgan, a psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, has attacked the problem in a very different way. Rather than considering toolmaking as a proxy for language ability, he and his colleagues explored the way that language may help modern humans learn to make such tools. Read More
The Urantia Book teaches about language: Before the extensive dispersion of the Andonic clans a well-developed language had evolved from their early efforts to intercommunicate. This language continued to grow, and almost daily additions were made to it because of the new inventions and adaptations to environment which were developed by these active, restless, and curious people.” Read More

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What Is The Urantia Book?

The Urantia Book includes the origin, history, and destiny of humanity. It answers questions about God, life in the inhabited universe, science, astronomy, the history and future of this world, Adam and Eve, and it includes an uplifting and greatly expanded narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus. This narrative of Jesus’ life is sourced from spiritual beings who were present during Jesus’ life and who have preserved these records for presentation in The Urantia Book and in our modern times.

The Urantia Book describes an endless destiny for humankind, teaching that living faith is the key to personal spiritual progress and eternal survival as an immortal being.

Urantia (pronounced: you ran chah) is the universe name for Earth. The word Urantia translates to “your place in the universe.” Urantia is the sentimental shrine of all Nebadon (the name of our universe). Urantia is but one planet of ten million inhabitable worlds and is the mortal home of Christ Michael (Jesus of Nazareth), sovereign creator and ruler of all we see.Read More.

Discover a new revelation of the loving nature of God in The Urantia Book!

“God is love”; therefore his only personal attitude towards the affairs of the universe is always a reaction of divine affection…. Read More HERE

The Urantia Book

The One Pearl of Great Price

The Philippines is where I was born and Paradise is where I am bound – that is, if I remember to do God’s will. I have all the time and opportunity to say No to life eternal, but how can I possibly reject this potential future after catching a glimpse of it, the grandeur and adventure of it all, in The Urantia Book? Just say Yes.…  Read More

How can I learn to love others more?

Said Jesus: “You will learn to love your brethren more when you first learn to love their Father in heaven more, and after you have become truly more interested in their welfare in time and in eternity…Read more.

Behold Your Little Ones (detail) by Del Parson

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