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Pharaoh Akhenaten imposed a single religion

Pharaoh Akhenaten ruled Egypt from 1331-1354 BC. He imposed a single religion, based on the worship of the sun disk "Aten," and built a new capital city, Amarna, using entirely new architectural techniques." View Video The Urantia Book says, "Ikhnaton was wise enough to maintain the outward worship of Aton, the sun-god, while he led his associates in the disguised worship of the One God, creator of Aton and supreme Father of all." Read More

Jesus in The Urantia Book...

Read the True Easter Story
For 20 centuries men and women have struggled to understand the brutal death of Jesus and what we can learn from it. The Urantia Book presents a startling new viewpoint into the events that led up to Jesus' death and his 19 resurrection appearances. Read more HERE
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Defining Truth
Truth cannot be defined with words, only by living.

The Urantia Book, (132:3.2)

Celebrating Easter with Children

The story of Easter and the circumstances of Jesus' death and resurrection is without a doubt one the most poignant and emotionally moving stories in history. Since emotions are the gateway to the mind, one can use this story to stir the emotions of children. Read More HERE

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5 star reviews of The Untold Story of Jesus! "A must-read for every person, whether they believe or not. Every page, every quote, is uplifting, inspirational, and the untold part is simply beyond description." Click here to buy the book...


Urantia (pronounced: you ran chah) is the universe name for Earth and it is the sentimental shrine of all Nebadon, the chief of ten million inhabited worlds, the mortal home of Christ Michael, sovereign of all Nebadon. Read More.