You wrote: I grew up reading The UB with my dad, and I have kids now. I want to share with them the really colorful or fantastic creatures in the Urantia Book. I think one was either in the garden of eden, or on one of the mansion worlds. Please Advise.

Thanks for writing to us at TruthBook with your question.

I wonder if you might be thinking of the fandors – those huge passenger birds that Adam and Eve used to survey the Garden of Eden? You can read more about them HERE and HERE.

And Adam and Eve were pretty fantastic in their own right…8 feet tall, with a violet glow… and they communicated through thought with each other and their children. Read about it HERE

There are other “fantastic” creatures, too, like the spornagia … and even the midway creatures should be of interest to a young person; the Urantia Book tells us they are our “cousins”, and are just outside the range of human vision. Here’s something really amazing about the secondary order of midwayers when they first “appeared” as unique creatures; can you just imagine being mother to an invisible child!

77:5.6 Adamson and Ratta had a family of sixty-seven children. They gave origin to a great line of the world’s leadership, but they did something more. It should be remembered that both of these beings were really superhuman. Every fourth child born to them was of a unique order. It was often invisible. Never in the world’s history had such a thing occurred. Ratta was greatly perturbed—even superstitious—but Adamson well knew of the existence of the primary midwayers, and he concluded that something similar was transpiring before his eyes. When the second strangely behaving offspring arrived, he decided to mate them, since one was male and the other female, and this is the origin of the secondary order of midwayers. Within one hundred years, before this phenomenon ceased, almost two thousand were brought into being.

Any child – or adult – might find the Custodians of Knowledge a really fascinating type of being. Can you imagine not having to read a book, but rather talk with a personality who is a LIVING book? Here’s a little bit about these fantastic beings:

27:5.1 The superaphic custodians of knowledge are the higher “living epistles” known and read by all who dwell on Paradise. They are the divine records of truth, the living books of real knowledge. You have heard about records in the “book of life.” The custodians of knowledge are just such living books, records of perfection imprinted upon the eternal tablets of divine life and supreme surety. They are in reality living, automatic libraries. The facts of the universes are inherent in these primary supernaphim, actually recorded in these angels; and it is also inherently impossible for an untruth to gain lodgment in the minds of these perfect and replete repositories of the truth of eternity and the intelligence of time.

And then there are the Celestial Artisans; this paper descirbes numerous orders of beings that are quite fantastic! Here are the names of just a few of them: celestial musicians, harmony workers, color workers, concept recorders, light picturizers, and even the artists of odor! And we’ll be meeting many of them on our ascension adventure.

And, let’s not forget the most beloved of the fantastic beings in The Urantia Book: angels. Here’s a page on our site that contains many pictures/paintings of angels. Each picture has a UB passage about these marvelous beings:

Finally, we have put together section of our site just for sharing not only The Urantia Book with kids, but helping them grow in their spiritual lives. You can find that page HERE. I hope you’ll find it useful.

Thanks again for writing; it is such good news that your children constitute the third generation of Urantia Book students!

Date published: 2017-09-22 13:52:24
Author: Truthbook Staff