Q: Why did God not listen to my prayers? Why did God let my wife die? She was still young and had so much more to do yet.

A: Thanks for writing to us with your question. Please accept my sincere sympathies on the loss of your wife.

Why did your wife die, when you and she prayed to God? I wish I could answer you…but I don’t know why God did not answer these prayers in the way you hoped.

Countless people die each day; many are young and full of promise, like your wife. It is a terrible tragedy for those who are left behind. But death is always a part of life. No matter how young we are, how healthy we are, or how promising our future may be, death can intervene at any time. This earth is not our home, and one day, we will all leave here.

But when we leave this earth, we go on to fulfill our eternal purpose; your wife will be able to do in eternity all that she ever dreamed of doing on earth, and more. And you will join her when your time on this earth is over; you’ll meet again.

Of course, I do understand that you might wonder why, but it is a question that really does not have an answer. No one can explain something like this. One thing we do know about God is that his attitude towards us is always an attitude of love, but his love can take many forms. Who knows what might have been had your wife been spared? So, instead of wondering why, maybe it is best to thank God that your wife is safe – that her soul is free and on the way to a beautiful eternal future, and that one day you and she will be together again.

Even though it may be difficult, hold on to your faith and carry on now, bravely. Keep praying for guidance as you learn to live your new life. God loves you and he will help you to discover new purpose. Stay close to him. Ask him to help you.

It might help you to visit this short video on our site: “After You Die.” It is full of Urantia Book teachings about what really happens to us when we die. I hope that it gives you some comfort in this time of such great loss.

Thanks again for writing, and best wishes…