First James Webb Images of Mars 

The newest image provides a unique perspective with its infrared sensitivity on Mars, complementing data being collected by orbiters, rovers, and other telescopes, NASA stated in its blog.

Webb got its first look at @NASAMars! The close-up shown above reveals surface features such as Huygens Crater, dark volcanic Syrtis Major, and Hellas Basin, while the “heat map” on the right shows light being given off by Mars as it loses heat.”  Read More

The most popular questions about Webb, targeted for general interest can be found HERE and by Watching this video

Can Science Prove the Existence of God?

In all the Universe, there’s one question that has been an overwhelming source of wonder, possibility, and fear for humanity: where did all this come from? Despite all that we’ve learned about the Universe, there remain unanswered, and possibly unanswerable, questions. Could “God” be the answer?  Read More

The Urantia Book says: “The God-knowing soul dares to say, “I know,” even when this knowledge of God is questioned by the unbeliever who denies such certitude because it is not wholly supported by intellectual logic. To every such doubter the believer only replies, “How do you know that I do not know?”  Read More

Proof of Jesus Discovered

There have actually been a number of important archeological and scientific findings that irrefutably suggest that Jesus, the Son of God, did walk the Earth and that he was divine. Here are 7 findings collected by Read More 

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