The Untold Story of Jesus

Jesus comes to life in this fascinating modern biography excerpted from The Urantia Book. Many of these historical stories are familiar to readers of the New Testament but dozens are new, including the missing years not found in the Bible. Here you discover Jesus presented as never before, both as divine Son and human hero whose matchless life inspires, comforts, and transforms you.

It is beautifully written in modern, page-turning prose and complemented with 106 paintings from 35 renowned artists, including 42 originally commissioned works you will see for the first time. The paintings run the gamut of fine art celebrating the life of Christ, both classic and modern. These artists poured their souls into these portraits of higher spiritual reality. Our deep appreciation and humble gratitude go out to each one of them.

These paintings illustrate Jesus’ life journey from his humble birth and childhood to adolescence and manhood; from private to public ministry and on to his death, resurrection, and ascension. The artwork celebrates his diverse life as son, father-brother, carpenter, boat designer and builder, tutor, translator, caravan conductor, teacher, healer, minister, and friend. No one knows what Jesus looked like, but these artists painted their soulful interpretations to spark our imagination of these scenes from the Master’s life.

Hearing from God

This article struck a chord with me, and maybe it will with you, too. It’s called: I’m a Christian but I don’t talk like one. Neither should you by Craig Gross. The title’s a little confusing, but what this author is saying is that instead of always citing scripture or other sacred writings, we should learn to discern when we are hearing from Jesus – either within our own inner life, or from other people. I will blog about this below, but here’s a snip or two from the article:

“When you pray and ask God to reveal something to you or ask God to show you something and then you get a feeling in your gut or what I would call “spirit” that gives you clear direction or something specific, I believe that is God speaking to you.

“Jesus works and speaks through people, starting from the very beginning of time. What makes you think it’s not how He still works?”

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Establishing a relationship

I wish I had a dollar for the number of times I have asked God to help me out with a problem or an issue in my life, and the next day or the next hour or the next week, I’ll be either reading something or I’ll overhear a snippet of a conversation and…there’s the answer I was seeking!

Come to Jesus through love, not fear

By MaryJo – A Pilgrim Ponders

Come to Jesus through loveI saw this article today and decided to make a blog about it: 4 Ways That Christians Respond to the Heavy Truth That Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven by Josh Daffern. Heavy truth? This Christian injunction can cause a lot of heavy confusion for some people. But, is it true? Christians often point to this scripture and use it as a cudgel to scare people into coming to Jesus. In my blog below, I’d like to clear up the confusion that this causes to anyone, using enlightened Urantia Book teachings. But first, here’s a snip from the article:

“Jesus is the only way to God, Jesus is God, if you believe in Jesus you shall not perish. But if you don’t place your trust in Jesus, then you will perish. Jesus talks about this eternal perishing as hell, hades or eternal fire.”

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Coming to Jesus

I have never really had a problem coming to Jesus; from an early age, I was thoroughly immersed in Christian belief through the Catholic Church. But, after seeing the fear and distaste that this brings up in some people – a fear and distaste born of being told by someone that you can’t have salvation without believing in Jesus – I started questioning whether this is something that Jesus would really want us to teach to others.