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Relationship questions
 How did sex become sinful?
 What does Urantia/Jesus say about homosexuality?
 Is divorce a sin? I didn't want to get divorced but he forced it on me, due to a 3rd party. What effect will this have on my life ahead and my children's lives? Can I marry again?
 Any words of comfort for somebody dealing with a break-up (me)? I am a Urantia Book reader and follower. Nevertheless, I am still going through a lot of pain right now.
 Can love happen twice? Or, can it be continued with two souls at a time?
 What should one do if his wife sleeps with another man? And if the man decides to maintain the erring wife, how should he go about it without hurt?
 How does one treat a woman that disrespects her husband?
 What can you say about separated people - not legally divorced or annuled - finding someone to love again. Is living together without marriage a sin? What can you say about this?
 I am still in love with my ex husband. How can I move on?
 Most pro-lifers say life begins at conception. Why is it not okay to abort even though the Adjuster (and thus the soul) come five years after the baby's birth?
 If a person drinks and uses drugs but believes in God, will they ascend? My mother says that she doesn't feel like it is a sin but I think she is defiling her temple.
 Would you encourage outspokenness in relationships? I find myself being misunderstood most of the time and I'm always feeling the need to explain myself so I dont lose the ones I love.
 Are Marriages fixed in Heaven and taking place on Earth, as per the creator's will?
 How liberal can one be with one`s sexual activity,and when does sexual activity become sinful, or even iniquitous?
 I was wondering. Is there some kind of spiritual aura that attract two of the opposite sex together? Many, if not all humans have this drive to find that special one, who God destined them to find and live with. Is that a divine human instinct?
 How does God feel about homosexuality? Are all humans innately bisexual? Is sex even a moral issue? Is it only for procreation? Is it wrong to enjoy?
 I am a girl who is married just 3 months. It's a love marriage, but I feel like i got married so early. I made this decision wrong. Now my mind and body are not supporting this decision. I am totally collapsed.
 What is the definition of Love?
 What are appropriate sexual relations with a life partner?
 What is the value of marriage and family life ?
 What does The Urantia Book say about adultery? Is it a mistake to love a married man?
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