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Is Our Universe Tuned to Life?

Our current models of cosmology have 29 constants. If any were even slightly different, the cosmos might not be as life-friendly a place. This realization has led some to argue that our universe is intelligently designed, made especially for us. Read More

The Uranita Book says: “The myriads of planetary systems were all made to be eventually inhabited by many different types of intelligent creatures, beings who could know God, receive the divine affection, and love him in return. God created the heavens and formed the earth; he established the universe and created this world not in vain; he formed it to be inhabited.”  Read More

Self-love This Valentine’s Day

Recommit to “the most important relationship of your life: the one you have with yourself.” Valentine’s Day is a holiday with a lot of pressure. It’s the only holiday for a stretch during late winter, and it’s all about romance. That can be nice, but it can also be stressful, especially if we are single or dealing with tension in our relationships. Whatever your romantic situation, Read More

Read what one of Truthbook’s Daily Quotes from the Urantia Book says about Love And View our Most Watched Videos on Love 

Evolution Not as Random as Previously Thought

With an audience of millions, Phys.org  presented the findings of this recent study: “The implications of this research are nothing short of revolutionary,” said Professor McInerney, the lead author of the study. “By demonstrating that evolution is not as random as we once thought, we’ve opened the door to an array of possibilities in synthetic biology, medicine, and environmental science.”  Read More

The Urantia Book says: “But the establishment of life on no world is ever experimental in the sense that something untried and unknown is attempted. The evolution of life is a technique ever progressive, differential, and variable, but never haphazard, uncontrolled, nor wholly experimental, in the accidental sense.” Read More

Thirteen Discoveries Made About Human Evolution in 2023

Smithsonian paleoanthropologists reveal some of last year’s most fascinating findings about human origins. Whether by taking a fresh look at previously excavated fossils or uncovering new evidence altogether, all of these stories expand the breadth of knowledge about our shared ancient past. Neanderthals are probably the most well-known hominins among our closest relatives. Read More

What does The Urantia Book say about the Neanderthals and their tools?
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Ditch Depressing New Year’s Resolutions…Do This Instead

An article from Forbes believes that the psychology behind New Year’s resolutions is faulty. Resolutions can’t lead to sustainable behavior change because they are not constructed in a way that harnesses motivation and turns it into action and change. Read More

The Urantia Book agrees, The weak indulge in resolutions, but the strong act. Life is but a day’s work—do it well. The act is ours; the consequences God’s.”  Read More 



There’s No Going Back Now! James Webb Update

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James Webb Telescope finds a Primordial Galaxy as Old as the Universe! NASA just accepted they found the most distant structure In the Universe last year using James Webb Space Telescope.

The Urantia Book says, “No matter how far back we go, we’ll always encounter the mystery of God and order in his creation:Early in the materialization of the universal creation the sevenfold scheme of the superuniverse organization and government was formulated. The present scheme of administration has existed from near eternity, and the rulers of these seven superuniverses are rightly called Ancients of Days. Read More.   Read about the Ancients of Days