Most of the quotes in this study are taken from Paper 23. Please see all of Paper 23 - The Solitary Messengers for the most complete information on these amazing angels.

Solitary Messengers are the personal and universal corps of the Conjoint Creator; they are the first and senior order of the Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit.

These spirit messengers were personalized in a single creative episode, and their number is stationary. ~ The Urantia Book, (23:0.1)

They are fundamental to the divine technique of the Infinite Spirit for self-revelation to, and personal contact with, the far-flung creations of time and space. ~ The Urantia Book, (23:1.1)

These messengers of solitary assignment are a dependable, self-reliant, versatile, thoroughly spiritual, and broadly sympathetic group of created beings derived from the Third Source and Center... ~ The Urantia Book, (23:1.8)

The Solitary Messengers are the highest type of perfect and confidential personality available in all realms for the quick transmission of important and urgent messages when it is inexpedient to utilize either the broadcast service or the reflectivity mechanism. They serve in an endless variety of assignments, helping out the spiritual and material beings of the realms, particularly where the element of time is involved. Of all orders assigned to the services of the superuniverse domains, they are the highest and most versatile personalized beings who can come so near to defying time and space. ~ The Urantia Book, (23:3.1)

Solitary Messengers are, therefore, generally used for dispatch and service in those situations where personality is essential to the achievement of the assignment, and where it is desired to avoid the loss of time which would be occasioned by the sending of any other readily available type of personal messenger. They are the only definitely personalized beings who can synchronize with the combined universal currents of the grand universe. Their velocity in traversing space is variable, depending on a great variety of interfering influences, but the record shows that on the journey to fulfill this mission my associate messenger proceeded at the rate of 841,621,642,000 of your miles per second of your time. ~ The Urantia Book, (23:3.3)

The Solitary Messengers are able to function as emergency lines of communication throughout remote space regions, realms not embraced within the established circuits of the grand universe. It develops that one messenger, when so functioning, can transmit a message or send an impulse through space to a fellow messenger about one hundred light-years away as Urantia astronomers estimate stellar distances. ~ The Urantia Book, (23:3.5)

I am at a loss to explain to Urantia mortals how the Solitary Messengers can be without form and yet possess real and definite personalities. Although they are without that form which would naturally be associated with personality, they do possess a spirit presence which is discernible by all higher types of spirit beings. The Solitary Messengers are the only class of beings who seem to be possessed of well-nigh all the advantages of a formless spirit coupled with all the prerogatives of a full-fledged personality. They are true persons, yet endowed with nearly all of the attributes of impersonal spirit manifestation. ~ The Urantia Book, (23:3.7)

The Solitary Messengers are without known general headquarters; they roam the universe of universes. ~ The Urantia Book, (24:0.3)

Solitary Messengers are encountered from Paradise outward: through the Havona circuits to the superuniverse capitals and thence out through the sectors and local universes, with their subdivisions, and even to the inhabited worlds. ~ The Urantia Book, (24:0.4)

There is a technical reason why these Solitary Messengers must travel and work alone. For short periods and when stationary, they can collaborate in a group, but when thus ensembled, they are altogether cut off from the sustenance and direction of their Paradise circuit; they are wholly isolated. When in transit, or when operating in the circuits of space and the currents of time, if two or more of this order are in close proximity, both or all are thrown out of liaison with the higher circulating forces. They are "short circuited" as you might describe it in illustrative symbols. Therefore they have inherent within them a power of automatic alarm, a warning signal, which unerringly operates to apprise them of approaching conflicts and unfailingly keeps them sufficiently separated as not to interfere with their proper and effective functioning. ~ The Urantia Book, (23:1.9)

Solitary Messengers are assigned by the Infinite Spirit to the following seven divisions of service:

  1. Messengers of the Paradise Trinity.
  2. Messengers of the Havona Circuits.
  3. Messengers of the Superuniverses.
  4. Messengers of the Local Universes.
  5. Explorers of Undirected Assignment.
  6. Ambassadors and Emissaries of Special Assignment.
  7. Revelators of Truth. ~ The Urantia Book, (23:2.2)

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