The Supreme Executives, Associate Inspectors, and Assigned Sentinels, together with the omniaphim and a host of unrevealed personalities, constitute an efficient, direct, centralized, but far-flung system of advisory and administrative co-ordination of all the grand universe of things and beings. ~ The Urantia Book, (24:5.5)

Omniaphim are of grand universe assignment, and in Orvonton their corps maintains headquarters in the northerly parts of Uversa, where they reside as a special courtesy colony.

The omniaphim are wholly occupied with the oversight of the superuniverses in the interests of administrative co-ordination from the viewpoint of the Seven Supreme Executives. ~ The Urantia Book, (28:2.1)

Note: Orvonton is the name of our Superuniverse and Uversa is its capitol.

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