The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book

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People love The Urantia Book! Here's what they're saying: "It has given me peace of mind..." "it has made God more clear to me, more certain." "...must read or you will not understand the true meaning of God and his son.." "...recasts Jesus into the guide for seekers of all faiths and all walks of life." Uplift YOUR life, too... - Click to read the book


Did the resurrection of Jesus really happen?

Part IV of The Urantia Book is a virtual day-to-day accounting of the life of Jesus, and it culminates in the thrilling story of the Master's resurrection on that long-ago Easter Sunday in April, A.D 30. These accountings can be trusted...

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"This book is, literally, a life changer. Challenging? Yes...."

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What if someone had been there to keep a detailed account of the life of Jesus?


About The Urantia Book

A spiritual and philosophical book with hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the world. It's published in multiple languages and is also available online on this website. It includes four parts, and Truthbook focuses primarily on the fourth part about the life of Jesus as never before told. ~ Read more in The Urantia Book.