You asked: “Is there a feminine element to God?,” which is a very good question…

Yes, most certainly both father and mother, masculine and feminine take origin in God. God is all and in all. According to The Urantia Book the Second Person of the Paradise Trinity is considered the Spirit Mother of all creature creation. The feminine aspect of God is equal in every way to the masculine aspect, and this reality is true on all levels of creation, from Paradise all the way to the lowly spheres of time and space.

Read about the Universe Mother Spirit.

Jesus once said this to a man who was mistreating his wife in public,

“The Father in heaven treats the Spirit Mother of the children of the universe as one equal to himself. It is Godlike to share your life and all that relates thereto on equal terms with the mother partner who so fully shares with you that divine experience of reproducing yourselves in the lives of your children. If you can only love your children as God loves you, you will love and cherish your wife as the Father in heaven honors and exalts the Infinite Spirit, the mother of all the spirit children of a vast universe.” The Urantia Book, (133:2.2)

In this modern day, when women are still struggling for equality of opportunity, both materially and spiritually, it is refreshing to learn of the feminine aspect of Deity and her vital importance in Creation. Thanks so much for asking the question; I hope that this reply has been useful.

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