Q: I was wondering who wrote The Urantia Book? It appears to me that this person had a tremendous insight into the Bible. The Urantia Book has help me to understand the Bible and vice versa.

A: To give you an immediate answer: The authors of The Urantia Book are numerous and varied celestial personalities. The book was delivered to humanity through a lengthy process of questions and answers in the early years of the 20th century, and published in book form in 1955.

The authors are listed in the Table of Contents and at the end of each of the 196 Papers (chapters) comprising The Urantia Book. The authors identify themselves as a diverse group of heavenly beings who were commissioned to bring to our world the next in a series of revelations intended to restore to humankind an understanding of the true nature of God, of humanity’s origin, history, and destiny, and to provide us with a cosmic perspective of who we are and how we fit into the greater flow of cosmic events.

Here is a detailed study of the authors of The Urantia Book

No human being is listed as author of The Urantia Book. The Urantia Book refers to the authorship as a collaborative effort by many superhuman, celestial beings, all of whom brought to this endeavor individual areas of knowledge and expertise. However, they tell us from the beginning that they were mandated to give priority to any human expressions of truth that represented “the highest and most advanced planetary knowledge of spiritual values and universe meanings” as would convey the truth “as they were directed to reveal it” before resorting to their own superior expressions of truth-knowledge. (Please see 0:12.10) Over 1, 000 diverse writings of many human beings were masterfully co-ordinated, enhanced, and improved by the authors responsible for the creation of The Urantia Book.

There is much detailed speculation and conjecture on the origin, organization, and method of reception of the Urantia Papers, but how they actually were obtained constitutes an amazing mystery about which little is truly known or understood.

How Was it Done?

The technique of delivery of The Urantia Book was accomplished through the willing co-operation of a single human being who was utilized as a sort of “sleeping subject” to produce the Urantia teachings through his voice while he was asleep, but the identity of this person was deliberately kept a secret, so as not to place undue attention on the “messenger” at the cost of the message.

Records of the events concerning the origin of the book state that there were six people who knew the identity of this person, but none of them ever revealed the identity. All of those persons, including the sleeping subject, have since died. Those who remember some of these events have reported that the authors of The Urantia Book indicated it was best that this person remained anonymous, because the truth and wisdom of the teachings would endure on their own merits without a human personality to authenticate them.

In our modern society, many tend to classify The Urantia Book as a “channeled work;” however, this is not an accurate characterization.

Here’s How it was NOT Done…

Here is a list of techniques that were NOT used in transmitting:

  • Automatic writing
  • Automatic talking
  • Speaking with “tongues”
  • Trance mediums
  • Spirit mediums
  • Catalepsy
  • Automatic hearing–Clairaudience Hearing voices
  • “Automatic seeing Dream states–twilight meditation
  • Visions–Automatic dramatization
  • Hallucinations (shifty “reality” feelings)
  • Automatic thinking
  • Automatic judgments—Intuition, “hunches”
  • Automatic Association of ideas–premonitions
  • Automatic guessing—ESP–extrasensory perception
  • Automatic deductions–delusions–paranoia
  • Dominance by marginal consciousness–dreams and hypnosis
  • Automatic remembering clairvoyance–automatic memory associations
  • Telepathy–mind reading
  • Fortune telling (largely fraudulent)
  • Musical and mathematical marvels
  • Automatic acting
  • Automatic behavior–(major hysteria; witchcraft)
  • Automatic motion–motor compulsions
  • Automatic overdrives–manic episodes
  • Automatic walking–somnambulism
  • Automatic personalization
  • Automatic forgetting–amnexia
  • Automatic dissociation–double and multiple personality
  • Schizophrenia—split personality
  • Combined and associated psychic states

Dr William Sadler, a psychiatrist who was instrumental in fostering the delivery of The Urantia Book, states: “The technique of the reception of The Urantia Book in English in no way parallels or impinges upon any of the above phenomena of the marginal consciousness.”

Dr Sadler himself spent many years before The Urantia Book appeared debunking all forms of “spiritism” that were popular in those early days of the 20th century. He was well-versed in all specious techniques of hoodwinking an unsuspecting populace into belief in the supernatural.

What is the Real Content?

In one sense The Urantia Book is a compilation of many of the most significant writings produced by mankind over the past several hundred years (or earlier) and from several hundred authors who were masters in their fields. However, these authors just provided the foundation source material for the book’s inspired teachings in science, religion, philosophy, social engineering, history, anthropology, theology, biology, archeology, physics, and the other topics the book addresses. The real authors of the 197 chapters of the book are both celestial beings (22 authors) and a commission of unseen planetary stewards residing here. It was they who collated, rephrased and repackaged all previous human concepts in new and attractive ways for the 21st century truth-seeker. And some of those unseen stewards were eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus, and have faithfully recorded their observations.

But in a more important sense, The Urantia Book contains far more revelation than simple compilation of previously published human knowledge. Just for starters, there are over 64 unique concepts presented, as well as hundreds of enlargements and clarifications in the areas of planetary history, electronics, science, geology, cosmology and religion—not to mention the restatement of the Life and Teachings of Jesus, which comprises Part IV.

Were Human Beings Involved At All?

For this material to be printed in book form required human beings, but they had no involvement in producing the text other than to ask for clarification or to submit questions during its period of reception. Human beings also provided the final punctuation and formatting of the final text

While this is a very unorthodox way for a book to be produced, the teachings of The Urantia Book stand on their own merits – -students of the book read and study in spite of its unconventional origin – -there is no human authority, no person to look up to or revere, no official religion, no clergy that interprets or speaks for the authority and validity of the book’s teaching. Those are issues that are up to each reader to come to grips with themselves. There are organizations of readers to promote the teachings and fellowship and to assure that books are printed and distributed, of which TruthBook.com is one, but the book stands on its own without a human heritage.

Why The Urantia Book Matters

The significance of The Urantia Book to our planetary history and to our knowledge of God is remarkable. Over the millennia, since the emergence of man through slow evolution, God has been systematically making contact with humanity. One way that God does this is through “epochal revelation, ” which is a periodic visitation, usually through a personality, who is sent by celestial government to assist in the spiritual or material progress of mankind. Examples of these visitation through personalities are: Adam and Eve, Melchizedek, and Jesus of Nazareth

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There have been five epochal revelations of God to Earth (Urantia), and in this, the fifth epochal revelation, The Urantia Book breaks the mold in that it is—instead of a personality—a book to be read and comprehended. It is designed to be useful to humanity’s progress for the next thousand years, affecting the spiritual consciousness of humanity in a slow, but significant way. It is easy to understand why people are intensely interested in its origins, as it is of such importance. And it is also easy to understand why the revelators chose a book; it has only been in the last 600 years that reaching the masses through print has been possible. Prior that that, epochal revelations were of limited distribution to the world-at-large.

The Urantia Book Enhances Scripture

If you are a student of the Bible, you’ll find that The Urantia Book “borrows” liberally from Scripture (as did Jesus during his life on earth). There is nothing else like The Urantia Book in print – -it is unique. For most readers The Urantia Book makes the Bible even more precious and meaningful.

This book has been found by thousands of people over the years, even though it is not promoted or marketed as other books are; you are one who has found it, and we hope that you will visit our site and explore the matchless teachings of The Urantia Book for yourself. Only an honest exploration of its contents will reveal to you its treasure.

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