Why Won’t the Myth of Atlantis Die?

Watch the Video  The lack of evidence for its existence hasn’t stopped people from hunting for it. A National Geographic video says Atlantis is the stuff of modern fare like Journey to the Center of the Earth and the recent Netflix series Ancient Apocalypse. The story is the brainchild of the Greek philosopher Plato, who featured the island in two of his Socratic dialogues from the fourth century B.C.”

The Urantia Book says: “This “brainchild” of Plato just happens to parallel in many respects the description of the Garden of Eden in The Urantia Book.” Watch The Video from Robert Sarmast that pinpoints the location of the first Garden of Eden. In it, Robert relates his experiences over a period of ten-plus years, looking for Atlantis/Eden on the seafloor of the Mediterranean Ocean in his expeditions. With the latest underwater maps, he states with confidence that he has found it. Enjoy this video, complete with Urantia Book passages that corroborate his proof.