By Charles Montgomery

The Urantia Book contains many new terms and concepts, some of which are difficult to grasp. The definitions provided here may be of help in your overall understanding of the content and scope of the book.


The absolute level is beginningless, endless, timeless, and spaceless. The absolute transcends time, space, infinity and eternity, and transcends even the Ultimate.


Absonite as midway between absolute and finite. The absonite level of reality is characterized by things and beings without beginnings or endings and by the transcendence of time and space. Absonite beings are not created; they simply are. But because they are "things and beings," they have limits, or edges, and so are sub-infinite. See eventuate.


Tribes descended from Adam and Eve, the carriers of the violet race genetics. The Adamite culture was centered at the juncture of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia, and from there spread throughout the world, especially to Egypt, Europe and India.


First born son of Adam and Eve, and the first born of the violet race. He married Ratta, a superhuman descendant of Prince Caligastia's staff, and together they had sixty-seven children. Every fourth child was invisible, and when these unique children mated, they produced the secondary midwayers. Adamson lived for 396 years.


The descendants of Adamson. They maintained a culture for about seven thousand years, east of the southern shore of the Caspian Sea near the Kopet Mountains.

Adam and Eve

A Material Son and Daughter who came to our planet, Urantia, about 37,000 BC. Their mission was to teach the evolving people of this world and, through their offspring, to biologically upstep them through their violet genetics. Due to Caligastia's betrayal and Eve's impatience, the mission was only partially successful, and the various Urantia races received little of the violet blood. Adam and Eve were the second epochal revelation to Urantia. See Adamites, Adamson and Revelation.


A mighty blended race of pure-line Adamic violet race and the Nodites plus the evolutionary peoples. "In the main, the term Andite is used to designate those peoples whose racial inheritance was from one-eighth to one-sixth violet." The Andites originated in Mesopotamia and flourished beginning around 15,000 BC.

Andon and Fonta

The first two real human beings on Urantia, the founders of the human race. They suddenly evolved, about one million years ago, being born as twins and having evolved through mid-mammal primate parents. Upon their appearance, Urantia was registered as an inhabited world. Andon and Fonta were true freewill humans, and the first to employ language and fire.


Direct descendants from Andon and Fonta; the aboriginal human race of Urantia. The purest descendants of the early Andonic clans existing today on Urantia are Eskimos


The Planetary Prince of Urantia, sent here with a large staff 500,000 years ago, simultaneous with the appearance of the colored races. The reign of the Prince represented the first epochal revelation to our planet. For 300,000 years Caligastia served well, guiding the evolutionary races, but he defected during the Lucifer rebellion, throwing the planet into confusion and backwardness. See Revelation.

Creator Sons

Creators of the 700,000 local universes in the Grand Universe. They derive from the first and second persons of the Trinity, the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. Each is unique. There are exactly 700,000 Michaels. The Creator Son for our local universe, Nebadon, is Michael of Nebadon.


Headquarters city of Planetary Prince Caligastia, established around 500,000 BC in the district corresponding to later Mesopotamia. It was the world center of culture, laid out in ten subdivisions, enclosed within a wall forty feet high. After the planetary rebellion around 200,000 BC it sank beneath the waters of the Persian Gulf.


A Secondary Lanonandek Son and the chief associate of Caligastia, the Planetary Prince. Both defected during the Lucifer rebellion. The city of Dalamatia was named in honor of Daligastia.


The beautiful headquarters of Adam and Eve, established around 37,000 BC. on a peninsula in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and separated from the mainland by walls and a moat. "Without and beyond, the world lay in darkness, ignorance, and savagery. Eden was the one bright spot on Urantia; it was naturally a dream of loveliness, and it soon became a poem of exquisite and perfected landscape glory." Eden eventually sank, leading to the establishment of the second garden, to the east, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.


A beautiful architectural world (constructed world), the capital of our constellation of Norlatiadek, which contains a potential of 100,000 inhabited planets. The "gardens of Eden" established on the individual planets by the planetary Adams and Eves, are named after this sphere.


The science of improving the human race by encouraging selective reproduction, that is, encouraging the multiplication of the higher genetics within each race, while limiting the reproduction of the lower types. The word comes from the Greek eu, meaning good, and genos, meaning race.


Simply, to be; not to be created, not to evolve, but simply to be. "You, being a creature... can hardly comprehend… intelligent beings who are neither Creators nor creatures." Certain things and beings "create no beings, neither were they ever created." They simply eventuate.


Things grow and develop. The Supreme Being is evolutionary and experiential, as distinguished from the Universal Father who is existential. Mankind's religions are evolutionary, as distinguished from The Urantia Book, which is revelatory. The development of higher animals and man, from simple one-celled creatures was an evolutionary process.


Exestential things simply are. The Unqualified is existential, while the Ultimate eventuates, and the Supreme evolves experientially.


Experiential means having experience, which implies existing in time and space, rather than infinity and eternity. The Supreme Being is the experiential aspect of Deity.


Large passenger birds, now extinct, living on earth as recently as 37,000 years ago in the days of Adam and Eve. They could carry one or two passengers nonstop for five hundred miles.


The final stage and sublime destiny of the lowest order of free-will creatures: ourselves. After our age- long ascension career and our ultimate attainment of the Universal Father, we become finaliters and will joyously enter the corps of the finality for high service on the outer space levels. Finaliters are glorified mortal ascenders, the tried and true pilgrims of time and space.


Things have limits. Seven hundred trillion, for example, (the number of potential worlds in the Grand Universe) is a finite number. See Infinite.


The sister of Andon, the first human beings. Together they were the parents of evolutionary mankind. See Andon and Fonta.


Living and automatic presence, pressure, and velocity gauges. They are not persons; nevertheless they are intelligent. "We are greatly limited in our knowledge of these wonderful entities because we cannot communicate with them. They appear to understand the language of the realm, but they cannot communicate with us. They seem fully able to receive our communications but quite powerless to make response."


The first creation and highest spirit personality created by our local universe Creator Son, Michael, in conjunction with the local universe Mother Spirit. He is "a being of unprecedented versatility and unimagined brilliance." Also known as "The Bright and Morning Star," Gabriel is not a creator, but he is a marvelous administrator.


A wealthy Indian merchant with whom Jesus traveled to the principal cities of the Mediterranean world during his twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth years while serving as an interpreter and as a tutor for Gonod's son, Ganid.


The eternal central Universe, consisting of one billion worlds, arranged in seven concentric circles. These billion worlds circle Paradise, and twenty-one sacred worlds. We pilgrims of time and space will eventually visit every one of these enormous, perfect, unique worlds, on our way to the Father on Paradise.


The mysterious process by which the spirit of God inhabits mortal flesh.


Unlimited distance or number is called infinity. Unlimited time is called eternity. We are finite beings, and cannot really begin to comprehend infinity or eternity. Like God, who is infinite and eternal, we must simply take these unlimited realities on faith.


Headquarters of our local system of Satania. It is the first of many capital spheres we will visit during our ascent to Paradise. We attain Jerusem after traversing the seven Mansion Worlds, which are among its satellites.


Son of God and the Son of Man, the incarnation on earth of Michael of Nebadon, our universe creator. His earth name was Jesus, more accurately, Joshua ben Joseph. He was born on August 21, 7 BC. He lived, taught, was crucified, died and resurrected, and appeared to many. His life on earth constituted the fourth epochal revelation to Urantia.


Distinguished from Christian, Jesusonian emphasizes the teachings of Jesus, rather than the teachings about Jesus. Unfortunately the religion about Jesus has largely replaced the religion of Jesus, the simple gospel of faith and love, the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

Lanonandek Sons

Angels of a high order, but not as high as the Melchizedeks. They function as system sovereigns. Lucifer and Satan were Lanonandeks.


A brilliant angel (Lanonandek Son) who rebelled against God. Before his fall, he was Sovereign of our local system of Satania, named for his chief assistant, Satan. Lucifer rebelled 200,000 years ago, leading Urantia and much of our local system into confusion and despair. Urantia has been spiritually quarantined since the rebellion. Lucifer and his minions have long been constrained, and no longer have any power to lead souls astray, whether men or angels.

Machiventa Melchizedek

The high spirit being who appeared to Abraham in 1983 BC and taught of the one God. Machiventa Melchizedek brought the third epochal revelation to our planet.


Chief of reflectivity, residing near the Paradise center of all things. He is a true person, created in the dawn of time, by the Supreme Being

Mansion Worlds

The first places we go after departing this life. They consist of the seven architectural satellites circling the first of the seven transition worlds orbiting Jerusem, our system capital. Our spirit existence begins when we are resurrected on the first Mansion World, known as Mansonia Number One.


The highest of the four orders of the Local Universe Sons of God. They often serve as teachers. The Father Melchizedek is Gabriel's first assistant.


Midwayers exist midway between the angels and humans. They are the permanent citizens and true custodians of our planet. Primary midwayers resemble angels more than mortals, and were produced by the Planetary Prince and his staff. Secondary midwayers are much more like human beings and have Nodite and Adamic ancestry. Midwayers exist just outside the range of mortal perceptions, perform many important services on the planet, and have powers over material things including animals. See Adamson.

Michael of Nebadon

The Creator Son of God who created our local universe of Nebadon. He is also referred to as Christ Michael or simply Michael. Although there are 700,000 Michaels, for all of the beings in Nebadon he is God's only begotten Son.


The transitional state of being between the physical and the spiritual. Jesus was in his morontia body during his nineteen resurrection appearances to his apostles and other believers. You will become a morontia being when you arrive on the Mansion worlds, immediately after your resurrection from mortal death. Your morontia body will be upstepped 570 times before you finally depart from the local universe as a first-stage spirit being on your ascension journey to Paradise.


Our local universe, one of 700,000 similar creations in the grand universe. It is the creation and the domain of Michael, who bestowed himself in a life in the flesh here as Jesus. Nebadon has a potential of ten million inhabited worlds, grouped and administered into 100 constellations each having 100 systems of 1000 worlds each. See Michael of Nebadon.


Descendants of the sixty rebellious members of Caligastia's staff who, under the leadership of Nod, migrated north and east after the fall of Dalamatia. See Andites and Midwayers.


Name of the seventh superuniverses of time and space circling the Paradise-Havona system. It contains 100,000 local universes, including Nebadon. It's capital is Uversa. See Uversa and Universe types.


The center of all things; the largest body of organized reality in the entire cosmos. It is the stationary isle, not occupying space, but generating all space. Paradise is eternal, without beginning or end. Paradise is the abode of the Universal Father, and the origin of the Paradise Creator Sons. Paradise is also the destination of ascending time-space creatures such as ourselves.


God constantly reveals himself in a variety of ways. The various "holy" scriptures of the various world religions are not always reliable as revelation. There have been five revelations to our planet of long term (epochal) significance.
1. The Dalamatia Teachings, 500,000 years ago, brought by the Planetary Prince, Caligastia.
2. Adam and Eve, the Edenic teachings, 37,000 BC, brought by Adam and Eve, a Material Son and Daughter of God. See Adam and Eve.
3. The Salem Teachings, 1983 BC, brought by Machiventa Melchizedek, to Abraham.
4. The life and teachings of Jesus, born in Bethlehem, the incarnation of Christ Michael.
5. The Urantia Book, 2097 pages, completed in 1935, published in 1955 by Urantia Foundation, Chicago.


The immense capital world of our local universe of Nebadon and the personal headquarters of Michael of Nebadon. It is surrounded by ten clusters of architectural worlds, each containing 49 spheres. We will visit each of these 490 satellites before we attain the presence of Michael on Salvington, from whence we depart as first stage spirit beings on our continuing long ascent to Paradise.


An order of angel, a lower order than the seraphim.


The name of our local system of over six hundred inhabited worlds, intended to eventually contain one thousand inhabited worlds. It was named for Satan, the first assistant to Lucifer, who was the System Sovereign at the time of the rebellion two hundred thousand years ago. Satania's capital is the beautiful Jerusem. Following mortal death, we are resurrected the first Mansion world, a satellite of a satellite of Jerusem.


The six colored races that mutated from a single pair of Andonic aborigines in northwest India about 500,000 years ago. Of the primary sangiks, the yellow forced the red from Asia to North America 90,000 years ago via the Bering land bridge, while the blue occupied Europe. Of the secondary sangiks, the indigo occupied Africa, while the green and orange were largely wiped out, some of their remnants being absorbed in India and north Africa. See Adam and Eve, and Caligastia.


An order of physical creatures devoted to the care and culture of the material environment of the headquarters worlds, from Jerusem to Salvington. "Spornagia are neither spirits nor persons; they are an animal order of existence, but if you could see them, you would agree that they seem to be perfect animals."


High angels, greater than seraphim. The word "superaphic" refers to supernaphim, just as seraphic refers to seraphim.

Supreme Being

God lives and grows. The Supreme Being is the evolutionary and experiential aspect and manifestation of Deity. We contribute to the evolution of the Supreme by our decisions, and loving relationships. The Supreme will power- personalize in completed majesty upon the future settling of the entire Grand Universe in Light and Life.

Thought Adjusters

Fragments of the infinite Universal Father. God, a Thought Adjuster, indwells each of us. Also known as the Adjuster, Father Fragment, Monitor, or Mystery Monitor. Adjusters are perfect guides, endeavoring to spiritualize our choices and lead us Godward. Upon making the supreme decision to consecrate our will to the doing of God's will, fusion with our Adjuster is assured. Actual fusion with our Thought Adjuster normally takes place after death, on the fourth or fifth Mansion World. If anyone should fuse with his Adjuster while still on earth, he would immediately disappear in "chariots of fire."


The Paradise Trinity consists of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. The Father upholds all creation, the Son relates to personality, and the Spirit to mind.


Ultimate means final. And it suggests the final level of reality, just before Absolute.

Universe Types

1. Local Universe: There are 700,000 local universes in the Grand Universe, each having a potential of 10,000,000 inhabited worlds. Our local universe is Nebadon, the domain of Michael.
2. Superuniverse. There are seven superuniverses, each having 100,000 local universes. Ours is called Orvonton, and when we see the Milky Way, we are viewing the nucleus of Orvonton.
3. Central Universe: This consists of Havona, the 1 billion worlds circling Paradise, as well as Paradise itself and 21 sacred spheres. The superuniverses revolve about the Central Universe which is hidden from view.
4. Grand Universe: The central universe plus the 7 superuniverses.
5. Master Universe: The entire creation, the grand universe plus the four outer space levels. The enormous reaches of the outer space levels are being organized for future habitation.


Reality is beyond all description. Nothing can be said about it because as soon as you describe it, you have qualified it. The infinite I AM was freed from unqualified infinity through the exercise of eternal free will.


The name of our planet (Earth) on the universe registries. Urantia is unusual, as inhabited planets go, for a number of reasons. It is a life experimentation world, had an abnormal introduction of the Sangik races, was thrown into confusion by the Lucifer rebellion and the Caligastia defection, was further handicapped by the Adamic default, and finally greatly blessed and enlightened by the bestowal of Michael, our universe sovereign, who incarnated on Urantia as Jesus of Nazareth.

Urantia Book

The 196 papers of The Urantia Book constitute the fifth epochal revelation to our planet. Authored by superhuman beings, it was completed in 1936 and published in 1955 by Urantia Foundation. It is divided into four parts: The Central and Superuniverses, the Local Universe, the History of Urantia, and the Life and Teachings of Jesus. It has been translated into a number of foreign languages.


The capital of Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse, and the last place we visit in our ascension career before proceeding to the eternal central universe. It is from Uversa that the Ancients of Days authorized giving the fifth epochal revelation to Urantia.

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