The Urantia Book - Written by Angels

The Urantia Book, a new revelation from other inhabited worlds

The Urantia Book was written by angels and by many other heavenly beings. We are not alone in the universe. The universe is teeming with many orders of beings such as humans, angels, and Melchizedeks. Amazingly enough, angels and other higher beings wrote The Urantia Book about 80 years ago. This book’s origins are truly heavenly! But don't take our word for it; read it yourself and decide.

For centuries, mankind has labored in its search for God. Now, comes The Urantia Book...full of new and thrilling truths about a loving God, his magnificent creation, the history of our world and its peoples, and the full account of the life and teachings of Jesus. This thrilling life story of Jesus is a crowning revelation found nowhere else!

The higher beings from other worlds who authored the book know whereof they speak. The Urantia Book is full of their knowledge, their wisdom, and their counsel - vital information to help us know God, become closer to him, and successfully navigate the turbulent spiritual waters of 21st century life.

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Michael by Arild Rosenkrantz