Does God Have a Plan for Your Life?

 Some religionists believe that God does not have a plan for our lives, that to be subject to such a plan would mean that we cannot exercise our freewill. This article from (a project of beliefnet) states that ‘God Does NOT Have A Plan For Your Life’. Children are born and eventually learn to live. Telling people God has a special plan for them is taking away their free choice before it can be exercised.”  Read More

The Urantia Book teaches us that God DOES have a plan for your life. It is a definite and predetermined plan for your intellectual and spiritual development – model careers, the ideal lives. But does that mean you cannot exercise your free will?    “It is not incumbent upon any human being to accept this plan. You are all subjects of predestination, but it is not foreordained that you must accept this divine predestination; you are at full liberty to reject any part or all of the Thought Adjusters’ program. It is their mission to effect such mind changes and to make such spiritual adjustments as you may willingly and intelligently authorize, to the end that they may gain more influence over the personality directionization; but under no circumstances do these divine Monitors ever take advantage of you or in any way arbitrarily influence you in your choices and decisions. The Adjusters respect your sovereignty of personality; they are always subservient to your will.”  Read About Human Will