At the head of all personality in Nebadon stands the Creator and Master Son, Michael, the universe father and sovereign. Co-ordinate in divinity and complemental in creative attributes is the local universe Mother Spirit, the Divine Minister of Salvington. And these creators are in a very literal sense the Father-Son and the Spirit-Mother of all the native creatures of Nebadon.

Many of the unique orders generally grouped in this category are unrevealed, but as presented in these papers, the Universe Aids include the following seven orders:

  1. Bright and Morning Stars.
  2. Brilliant Evening Stars.
  3. Archangels.
  4. Most High Assistants.
  5. High Commissioners.
  6. Celestial Overseers.
  7. Mansion World Teachers.

Bright and Morning Stars

Of the first order of Universe Aids, the Bright and Morning Stars, there is just one in each local universe, and he is the first-born of all creatures native to a local universe. The Bright and Morning Star of our universe is known as Gabriel of Salvington. He is the chief executive of all Nebadon, functioning as the personal representative of the Sovereign Son and as spokesman for his creative consort. ~ The Urantia Book, (37:1.2)

Brilliant Evening Stars

Though personally occupied with administrative duties, Gabriel maintains contact with all other phases of universe life and affairs through the Brilliant Evening Stars. They always accompany him on his planetary tours and frequently go on special missions to the individual planets as his personal representatives. On such assignments they have sometimes been known as "the angel of the Lord." ~ The Urantia Book, (37:2.3)


Archangels are the offspring of the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit. They are the highest type of high spirit being produced in large numbers in a local universe, and at the time of the last registry there were almost eight hundred thousand in Nebadon. ~ The Urantia Book, (37:3.1)

Do you grasp the significance of the fact that your lowly and confused planet has become a divisional headquarters for the universe administration and direction of certain archangel activities having to do with the Paradise ascension scheme? ~ The Urantia Book, (37:3.4)

Most High Assistants

Most High Assistants serve in local universe and in constellation capacities but are not directly attached to the system or planetary governments. They may, however, function anywhere in the local universe and may be assigned to any phase of Nebadon activity—administrative, executive, educational, and others. ~ The Urantia Book, (37:4.4)

High Commissioners

The High Commissioners begin their service on the planets as race commissioners. In this capacity they interpret the viewpoints and portray the needs of the various human races.

Whenever fairness and justice require an understanding of how a contemplated policy or procedure would affect the evolutionary races of time, these commissioners are at hand to present their recommendations; they are always present to speak for those who cannot be present to speak for themselves. ~ The Urantia Book, (37:5.5)

Celestial Overseers

These beings are a recruited corps embracing all types of individuals connected with the scheme of educating and training the ascending mortals. ~ The Urantia Book, (37:6.1)

Before leaving the universe of Nebadon, most Urantia mortals will be afforded opportunity to serve for a longer or shorter time as members of the Nebadon corps of Celestial Overseers.

Mansion World Teachers

The Mansion World Teachers are recruited and glorified cherubim. .... They function in most of the educational enterprises of the morontia life, and their number is quite beyond the comprehension of mortal mind. ~ The Urantia Book, (37:6.7)

Other permanent citizens of the local universe

These include the following created types:

  1. Susatia.
  2. Univitatia.
  3. Material Sons.
  4. Midway Creatures. ~ The Urantia Book, (37:9.1)

Other local universe groups

The Spironga are the spirit offspring of the Bright and Morning Star and the Father Melchizedek. ... They are the spirit helpers of the local universe, executing the routine spirit tasks of Nebadon. ~ The Urantia Book, (37:10.2)

The Spornagia. The architectural headquarters worlds of the local universe are real worlds—physical creations. ... Spornagia are neither spirits nor persons; they are an animal order of existence, but if you could see them, you would agree that they seem to be perfect animals. ~ The Urantia Book, (37:10.3)

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