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The Physical Structure Of Our Local Universe

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University graduationThe Physical Structure of our Local Universe

Our local universe is made up of one hundred constellations, ten thousand local systems, and about ten million inhabitable worlds. At the center of these worlds is the capital of Nebadon, which is called Salvington. The nature and grandeur of the government headquarters of Nebadon is a reflection of Paradise.

We are Back at School - This Time at the University Worlds of Nebadon

By now we have passed through almost four stages: earth life, sleeping survivors, mansion world students, and morontia progressors. Now we are ready for the local universe capital experience. Our first day on the headquarter spheres of Nebadon begins at the university worlds. We will treasure this day forever. Although we enjoy each of the worlds of our local universe headquarters, our peak experiences will be on the university worlds.

After gaining residence on the first university world, we are instructed about the knowledge adventure that awaits. First, we will review our past journey. This summary concludes on the sixth world, where our experiences will be correlated in a meaningful way. Then, fully prepared, we will encounter the next learning challenges on the remaining worlds of this vast university.

Before graduation to Salvington, we will be trained in a wide range of practical skills and knowledge. Beyond general training, we might enroll in higher educational specialties that could be likened to physics, ethics, communications, and arts. Intensive training and work also will be offered in fields such as legislative government, political science, administrative management, and life science. Instruction in philosophy and history will help us integrate our newly learned insights. The information we receive will require our active participation. We will be asked to use our new found skills to serve others and to teach what we have leamed. "The basis of all education is to learn by doing." ~ Donald Laird

Our Graduation to the Capital of Nebadon, the Spiritual World of Salvington

When we reach Saivington, we will be most grateful for our long and thorough preparation. Having been intellectually stimulated and universally socialized, we now will experience a dynamic new spiritualization process on the capital world.

The spirit of Jesus —Michael has comforted us since our distant days on earth and we have even seen him on previous worlds. Now, we will be privileged to meet Michael at his Saivington headquarters. Here we take up long- term residency until we are ready for spirit status and Stage 5 of our trip to Paradise. There is surprisingly scant information in The Urantia Book about what happens to us during our stay on Saivington. We speculate that little is explained because there is nothing in our human experience that will help us understand. We do know that a significant spiritual change occurs during this period and that our spiritual growth is based on love.

Finally the time of departure from Nebadon comes. We are reluctant to leave our universal home and say good-by to Christ Michael and his partner, the Creative Mother Spirit. We depart with the fondest and most loving memories. When the great day comes, Michael and the Mother Spirit will confirm our status as we transfon-n from morontia beings to first stage spirit personalities. After we leave Nebadon, the spirit of Jesus —Michael will remain a powerful influence upon us as we journey on to the source of all things, God the Father. We have seen the Son, and thus to the best of our comprehension, we have seen the Paradise Father.

Now we begin the superuniverse stage of our evolutionary training adventure. We depart from the local universe of Nebadon to the capital cluster of our minor sector. Moving on to the headquarters of the local universe was a major step forward. Advancing from Nebadon into the superuniverse is confirmation that the ascending pilgrim has attained the settled status of eternal life.

"Education is the leading of human souls to what is best ... The training which makes men happiest in themselves also makes them most serviceable to others." ~ John Ruskin
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