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Havona Pilgrims

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Stage 6: Havona Pilgrims

One Billion Worlds, Billions of Opportunities

After leaving the superuniverse, we enter the sixth stage of our journey to Paradise. We are on our way to becoming Havona Pilgrims, traveling inward toward the center of all things in a completely unconscious state of steep. We will pass through the silent zones between the evolutionary universes and the central universe of Havona. Then we travel through the tall insulating circuits of dark gravity bodies, those "dark holes in space" that physically enshroud Havona, hiding it from the superuniverses.

At the dawn of eternity, the central universe already existed. The one billion perfect worlds surrounding the Eternal Isle of Paradise are not a creation of time. They existed before time. These replete worlds constitute the basic life patterns that are replicated on the evolutionary worlds. Every one of these worlds is filled with endless discoveries.

The Havona worlds are arranged in seven concentric circuits around Paradise and its satellites. We pilgrims land upon the receiving world located at the periphery of the seventh ring. This is where our personal education begins, the final steps in the ascent to God. On these worlds we become intellectually, spiritually, and experientially perfected. The investment in ourextensive training reminds us of the promise we have come to trust: each ascending mortal is of supreme value to the Paradise Father.

We live, travel, and learn as we visit every one of the billion worlds, from the seventh to the first circuit of Havona. One can only marvel at these gigantic worlds. They are beyond anything we could have imagined on our journey through the superuniverse. Life here is never boring.

The Central Universe by John Byron
The one billion perfect Havona worlds surround the Isle of Paradise and its twenty one sacred spheres.
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