Was Jesus an Alien? A Brief History of Extraterrestrial Visitation to our World

ALIEN: relating to or denoting beings supposedly from other worlds; extraterrestrial.

It is the purpose of this article to inform the reader of the long, long history of our planet’s interactions with extraterrestrial beings and alien visitation, beginning millions of years ago, up to the visitation of Jesus, Son of God, son of man. 

The Urantia Book and Extraterrestrial Influence

Many people are drawn to The Urantia Book because of its lavish descriptions of the universe that include exhaustive descriptions of various “alien” beings that satisfy our fascination with all things extraterrestrial. Our ongoing interest in visitations from outer space is not surprising, given the fact that we live on an isolated planet amidst a populated universe about which we know relatively little. And so, the revelations in The Urantia Book help us to know about the vast numbers of beings that share the universe with us. There are descriptions of celestial personalities throughout the book; but check out Paper 44: The Celestial Artisans for descriptions of many, many fantastic beings not of this world. 

In fact, The Urantia Book itself is the product of “alien” influence. It was formulated and delivered to us by extraterrestrial beings.You can see the list of celestial authors in our page called Who Wrote The Urantia Book?  In addition, The Urantia Book is the only document known that shares with us literature from other planets in the “Parable Prayers.” Jesus himself revealed these prayers to the apostles.

Extraterrestrials and Human Experience

Extraterrestrials have influenced human existence for millennia. The universe is populated by a vast material and spiritual civilization of which we are a part. All are created by the agency of God and all exist for the benefit and progress of mortals of time and space. We will visit many worlds and meet many of these beings as we sojourn throughout the universes in our progress to the Father on Paradise. Many of them have visited us, and continue to do so. Some are spiritual personalities; some appeared in mortal form.

Beings not of earth origin are regular visitors and sojourners here; beings like angels, who are our companions throughout the life in the flesh. While not usually visible to us, angel ministry is well-documented throughout the Bible and many can feel their presence. There is a vast host of these heavenly helpers in residence here, along with other administrative beings:

114:5.5 Each administrative day on Urantia begins with a consultative conference, which is attended by the governor general, the planetary chief of archangels, the Most High observer, the supervising supernaphim, the chief of resident Life Carriers, and invited guests from among the high Sons of the universe or from among certain of the student visitors who may chance to be sojourning on the planet.

The Life Carriers – our First Extraterrestrial Visitors

Extraterrestrials have played a pivotal role in our evolution as a species. The Life Carriers were vital to life transplantation in the days when Urantia was first recognized as a planet that could harbor life. Life Carriers sojourned here on earth for ages upon ages to foster the development of life on this decimal planet. The life that they implanted here in the shallow primeval seas evolved into all life, crowned by the evolution of mortals like us who can know God and aspire to be like him. 

Our Planetary Prince and the One Hundred Extraterrestrial/Human Hybrid Beings

Other off-planet personalities have come here to aid humanity in its march towards awareness of God. The first off-planet personality to visit the populated world (500,000 years ago) was Caligastia, our first Planetary Prince. Sent by God to inform the primitive populations of their place in God’s creation, Caligastia’s reign lasted for over 200,000 years. The great city that he established was called Dalamatia and in order to aid the Prince (who was invisible) in the efficient administration of the great city, a special group of one hundred extraterrestrials was organized. These beings comprised the original staff of the Planetary Prince. They developed into extraordinary hybrid beings: part alien, part human, and immortal. They helped “to advance the interests and promote the welfare of the human races,” and lived and served here for hundreds of thousands of years.

66:2.4 These one hundred rematerialized members of the Prince’s staff were chosen by Caligastia from over 785,000 ascendant citizens of Jerusem who volunteered for embarkation on the Urantia adventure. Each one of the chosen one hundred was from a different planet, and none of them were from Urantia.

66:2.5 These Jerusemite volunteers were brought by seraphic transport direct from the system capital to Urantia, and upon arrival they were held enseraphimed until they could be provided with personality forms of the dual nature of special planetary service, literal bodies consisting of flesh and blood but also attuned to the life circuits of the system.

These beings were then infused with the life forms and life plasm of one hundred human volunteers, creating a new kind of superhuman being that was indispensable to the original Planetary Prince. Unfortunately, the Caligastia adventure ended in rebellion and tragedy. Nevertheless, Caligastia and his staff of one hundred is a striking example of alien visitation to our world. And their story is one that any student of Urantia’s checkered past would benefit from studying. It is from the activities of this long-ago race that the legends of the Nephilim were born. These were the times when giants roamed the earth and they had their origins among the stars.

Adam and Eve – Extraterrestrial Uplifters

Adam and Eve – also extraterrestrial beings – resembled human beings very closely, save for their extraordinary height, their unusual violet glow, and their telepathic ability. They were not like the Caligastia one hundred, but were members of a specialized group called the Material Sons and Daughters of God. They serve in pairs and reproduce much like mortals. Their mission is to establish a center of beauty and culture – the Garden of Eden – and to upstep the development of the human races both physically and spiritually.

51:1.3 (580.6) Material Sons vary in height from eight to ten feet, and their bodies glow with the brilliance of radiant light of a violet hue. While material blood circulates through their material bodies, they are also surcharged with divine energy and saturated with celestial light. These Material Sons (the Adams) and Material Daughters (the Eves) are equal to each other, differing only in reproductive nature and in certain chemical endowments. They are equal but differential, male and female—hence complemental—and are designed to serve on almost all assignments in pairs.

74:1.1 The Planetary Adam and Eve of Urantia were members of the senior corps of Material Sons on Jerusem, being jointly number 14,311. They belonged to the third physical series and were a little more than eight feet in height.

74:0.1 Adam and Eve arrived on Urantia, from the year A.D. 1934, 37,848 years ago. It was in midseason when the Garden was in the height of bloom that they arrived. At high noon and unannounced, the two seraphic transports, accompanied by the Jerusem personnel intrusted with the transportation of the biologic uplifters to Urantia, settled slowly to the surface of the revolving planet in the vicinity of the temple of the Universal Father. All the work of rematerializing the bodies of Adam and Eve was carried on within the precincts of this newly created shrine. And from the time of their arrival ten days passed before they were re-created in dual human form for presentation as the world’s new rulers. They regained consciousness simultaneously.

74:6.5 The bodies of Adam and Eve gave forth a shimmer of light, but they always wore clothing in conformity with the custom of their associates. Though wearing very little during the day, at eventide they donned night wraps. The origin of the traditional halo encircling the heads of supposed pious and holy men dates back to the days of Adam and Eve. Since the light emanations of their bodies were so largely obscured by clothing, only the radiating glow from their heads was discernible. The descendants of Adamson always thus portrayed their concept of individuals believed to be extraordinary in spiritual development.

74:6.6 Adam and Eve could communicate with each other and with their immediate children over a distance of about fifty miles. This thought exchange was effected by means of the delicate gas chambers located in close proximity to their brain structures. By this mechanism they could send and receive thought oscillations. But this power was instantly suspended upon the mind’s surrender to the discord and disruption of evil

Adam and Eve’s mission to our world was terminated through circumstances that were both tragic and long-lasting. Even to this day, in our 21st century world, we may mourn the loss of these wonderful beings. The Adamic culture that was meant to be vibrant for thousands of years in service to humanity was lost forever. And our world is still reeling from the effects of that loss.  Nevertheless, the extraordinary pair of extraterrestrial beings played a huge part in the evolution of our world. 

And their loss is one of the reasons that human beings like us long for connection with the supernatural, the superhuman. We seem to be hard-wired this way. Had their mission succeeded, we would have no doubts about the reality of God or the ministry of supernatural forces. 

92:5.5 (1008.7) “…there is an instinctive longing in the heart of evolutionary man for help from above and beyond. This craving is designed to anticipate the appearance on earth of the Planetary Prince and the later Material Sons.”

The story of Adam and Eve is a must-see for anyone who desires to know the true story of our world – our true history.

Melchizedek – an Extraterrestrial Being Who Appeared Out of Thin Air

Another extraterrestrial visitor came to us singly and looked very much like us; Melichizedek took on the form of a Canaanite priest, a fully-grown adult. His visitation is well-known from the Bible and its details are enlarged through revelation in The Urantia Book:

93:2.1 It was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa was bestowed upon the human races of Urantia.

93:2.5 In personal appearance, Melchizedek resembled the then blended Nodite and Sumerian peoples, being almost six feet in height and possessing a commanding presence. He spoke Chaldean and a half dozen other languages. He dressed much as did the Canaanite priests except that on his breast he wore an emblem of three concentric circles, the Satania symbol of the Paradise Trinity. In the course of his ministry this insignia of three concentric circles became regarded as so sacred by his followers that they never dared to use it, and it was soon forgotten with the passing of a few generations.

93:2.1 His coming was unspectacular; his materialization was not witnessed by human eyes. He was first observed by mortal man on that eventful day when he entered the tent of Amdon, a Chaldean herder of Sumerian extraction. And the proclamation of his mission was embodied in the simple statement which he made to this shepherd, “I am Melchizedek, priest of El Elyon, the Most High, the one and only God.”

93:2.2 When the herder had recovered from his astonishment, and after he had plied this stranger with many questions, he asked Melchizedek to sup with him, and this was the first time in his long universe career that Machiventa had partaken of material food, the nourishment which was to sustain him throughout his ninety-four years of life as a material being.

Melchizedek’s departure was as unspectacular as his first appearance. One night he retired to his tent and by the morning he was gone. But during his ninety-four years his teachings of the “one God” were pivotal in stabilizing the religious evolution of the planet and preparing the soil for the coming of the Son of God.

Jesus of Nazareth – “Before Abraham Was, I Am”

And that brings us to the most famous and the most celebrated extraterrestrial personage ever to visit our world – Jesus of Nazareth.

Was Jesus really an alien? An extraterrestrial? The term “alien” denotes a being from off-planet; the term “extraterrestrial” is a synonym of “alien” but likely a more gentle designation for the person we know as Jesus of Nazareth. 

A day after Jesus’ conception, in an angelic visitation, Gabriel (at Jesus’ request) told Mary:

“I come at the bidding of one who is my Master and whom you shall love and nurture. To you, Mary, I bring glad tidings when I announce that the conception within you is ordained by heaven, and that in due time you will become the mother of a son; you shall call him Joshua, and he shall inaugurate the kingdom of heaven on earth and among men.”

Jesus one time stated: “Though I stand before you in this physical presence, I came forth from God the Father. Before Abraham was, I am.” He was telling us plainly that he came from elsewhere, and that he had existed elsewhere before he came here. He spoke many times of his “kingdom on high,” his “place on high,” and his work on “the spheres on high.” Jesus alluded to other planets in this universe of his making, and the beings that lived there as “sheep not of this flock”:

“Also must you remember that I have sheep not of this flock, and that I am beholden to them also, to the end that I must provide for them the pattern of doing the will of God while living the life of the mortal nature.” 

Jesus’ Identity Before His Incarnation

Before Jesus’ appearance here as the Babe of Bethlehem, he was known on high as Christ Michael. Christ Michael is not of this earth, although he is intimately associated with the earth. Christ Michael is the Creator Son of God who is responsible for this world’s existence. He created not only our planet (known as Urantia), but ten million other inhabitable worlds that, along with Urantia, make up the universe of Nebadon.

Urantia translates to “Your place in the heavens,” and it was this place in the heavens that Christ Michael chose as the world of his bestowal mission. But unlike other visitations, where a spiritual being took on the appearance of a fully-grown mortal, this Creator Son of God chose to come here and incarnate as a helpless infant – a true mortal – destined to be one of us; to be conceived and born as one of us, to grow up in a family as we do, to gain education and knowledge, to earn a living and sojourn with other humans as a mortal of the realm. This bestowal of a divine being into a material existence was a process of making two beings, one divine and one human, into a wholly new being: Son of God and son of man. But although truly divine, Jesus was – and remains – truly human, too.

The Mystery of the Incarnation

This means of a superhuman being somehow co-existing as a human being is somewhat reminiscent of the Caligastia one hundred, discussed above. But this incarnation was altogether different and altogether miraculous. Even the revelators admit that they cannot explain how it was done; that it will forever remain a mystery. Nevertheless, it was real, and it really happened. God, an extraterrestrial spirit being, incarnated as a human being – a helpless infant, conceived by a human woman.

119:7.5 Joshua ben Joseph, the Jewish baby, was conceived and was born into the world just as all other babies before and since except that this particular baby was the incarnation of Michael of Nebadon, a divine Son of Paradise and the creator of all this local universe of things and beings. And this mystery of the incarnation of Deity within the human form of Jesus, otherwise of natural origin on the world, will forever remain unsolved. Even in eternity you will never know the technique and method of the incarnation of the Creator in the form and likeness of his creatures. That is the secret of Sonarington, and such mysteries are the exclusive possession of those divine Sons who have passed through the bestowal experience.

And as Jesus grew in grace and knowledge and intellect and power he gradually became aware that he was more than a mere mortal (although he certainly was a mortal like us). And there came a time when he became fully conscious of exactly who he was; a time when he remembered his previous life on high; a time when he remembered the mission that he had embarked upon. And that mission was two-fold: He came to settle the Lucifer rebellion that had plagued this world since the times of Caligastia; and he came to reveal the heavenly Father to mortal mankind. He assured us that “He who has seen me has seen the Father.”

Jesus’ Origins are Other-Worldly, but He Remains as the Gift that Keeps on Giving

But the true origin of Jesus, while human in the sense that his body was created here just like yours and mine, began in a realm quite unlike that of earth. This is a mystery that even the celestials who have revealed these truths to us are unable to explain. And it is why we may be drawn to think of this God/man as an “alien,” in the strictest sense of the word: that of a being from another world, or realm.

And now that Jesus has left us in his material manifestation of flesh and bone, he remains still as a spirit presence – the Spirit of Truth. While we may not think of this spirit presence of Jesus as an alien being, it is certainly not of this world, either. Rather, it is a spiritual gift to this world, akin to the spirit presence of the Father in the form of the Thought Adjuster. These two spirits dwell in our minds and our hearts, ever guiding us along the path of truth, goodness, and beauty.