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 Can angels save us from physical harm?
 I want to know how to pray to commune with God and go to a higher frequency level. Teach me a demo prayer.
 Is divorce a sin? I didn't want to get divorced but he forced it on me, due to a 3rd party. What effect will this have on my life ahead and my children's lives? Can I marry again?
 Why is god so lousy?
 Are there lost souls between heaven and earth?
 Why does "God" ordain that our pets cannot join us in the journey to Paradise?
 Why are we on Urantia evolving under such horrible circumstances?
 Before my present life, where was I born? Where did I live?
 I know Jesus sends his holy spirit to guide me with all I do but my question is: how can I make sure that it is the holy spirit's voice I'm listening to and not just my imagination?
 I have been a lesbian for years. Is it a sin when I only want love in this world - not sex? It so happens that my heart chose to love a woman not a man. I believe God is present when there is love.
 How can I control doubt when something I'm expecting seems not to be coming in time? This is shaking my belief.
 My beloved boyfriend passed away a few months ago; I want so much to talk with him
 Can departed souls hear us or feel our emotion?
 Why do I lose everything which I want in my life? What should I do get my desires fulfilled?
 Now that we are truth seekers, how do we now pick up our cross and follow Jesus after walking a life of error in religion? How do we experience heaven right here on earth?
 If a fragment of God's spirit is in our mind then why are bad thoughts passing my mind even without intentionally thinking of them?
 Does God want us to be dependent on him financially? Is it the will of the Father that we are to be poor by earthly standards? When I consider my financial state, I find that there is not too little and not too much.
 Could an introvert who suffers from depression possibly be happy in a vibrant, progressive universe full of cooperation and service forever? I just need to rest awhile.
 Questions: Reincarnation and God-Consciousness
 The idea of infinity and God really frightens me. I feel like I'm going to die or cease to exist.
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