You asked: Will there be cars in heaven?


Thanks for your interesting question about cars in heaven!

So let’s start by finding out more about heaven- what it is and where it is:

The Urantia Book teaches that Jerusem, our local system capital, is referred  to as “truly the heaven visualized by the majority of twentieth-century religious believers.”

So, here’s a little bit about Jerusem

46:0.1 Jerusem, the headquarters of Satania, is an average capital of a local system, and aside from numerous irregularities occasioned by the Lucifer rebellion and the bestowal of Michael on Urantia, it is typical of similar spheres. Your local system has passed through some stormy experiences, but it is at present being administered most efficiently, and as the ages pass, the results of disharmony are being slowly but surely eradicated. Order and good will are being restored, and the conditions on Jerusem are more and more approaching the heavenly status of your traditions, for the system headquarters is truly the heaven visualized by the majority of twentieth-century religious believers.

And in that paper I found this reference to a mechanical transportation system. It’s hard to say whether we will travel in a vehicle like a car, but we will certainly get around without gas! The last sentence of this paragraph tells us that we will utilize this system for getting around – up to 500mph!

46:2.4 The transportation system is allied with the circulatory streams of energy movement, these main energy currents being located at ten-mile intervals. By adjustment of physical mechanisms the material beings of the planet can proceed at a pace varying from two to five hundred miles per hour. The transport birds fly at about one hundred miles an hour. The air mechanisms of the Material Sons travel around five hundred miles per hour. Material and early morontia beings must utilize these mechanical means of transport, but spirit personalities proceed by liaison with the superior forces and spirit sources of energy.

I wonder if somehow we will be able to fly without a vehicle through the atmosphere by linking up with the “energy currents.” What do you think?

It could be that this same system is in place on the Mansion Worlds, too, although I could not find a definite passage about that. But it seems likely, in my opinion, since the mansion worlds are part of the Jerusem system.

I suggest reading more about Jerusem by clicking on the links in this reply. It is quite a place!!!

Thanks again for your question. I hope this reply has been helpful. And feel free to write back any time…

:: Date published: 2022-05-15 03:22
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