World Peace—A Study of Concepts from The Urantia Book

1. Introduction

Each of us have opinions about our country being involved in war. In America it's not our government's war, it's our war whether we're Democrats or Republicans or independents because we live in a representative democracy. The government works for and represents the people of the United States, so it's as much your war as my war and we each have opinions about what should or should not transpire.

Are your desires for peace flavored by what you understand from your study of The Urantia Book? They should be, shouldn't they, if you think of yourself as a student of the revelation ? Are you confident you're familiar with TUB's guidance on the social and political issues of war and peace?

The Urantia Book has much to say regarding world peace. It is valuable for Urantians to understand that message. If we believe that The Urantia Book offers insight and direction to help guide our thoughts and decisions we should also find its commentary on war and peace, their purpose, meaning, and value to us and our world to be of comfort and support during any time of moral and emotional struggle. We have the benefit of a revelation to direct our reasoning, corral our emotions, and to provide a logical foundation for our war opinions and peace desires.

Quotes from The Urantia Book used in this study haven't been altered or had the meanings manipulated in order to prove an unsubstantiated viewpoint but they have been arranged into topical groups. Other than that, let the book speak for itself.


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