... the mortal races on an average world of time and space will successively pass through the following seven developmental epochs: ...
7. The era of light and life. This is the flowering of the successive ages of physical security, intellectual expansion, social culture, and spiritual achievement. These human accomplishments are now blended, associated, and co-ordinated in cosmic unity and unselfish service. Within the limitations of finite nature and material endowments there are no bounds set upon the possibilities of evolutionary attainment by the advancing generations who successively live upon these supernal and settled worlds of time and space. (50:5.3)

War has become a matter of history, and there are no more armies or police forces. Government is gradually disappearing. Self- control is slowly rendering laws of human enactment obsolete. (55:5.4) ' function regenerate() {window.location.reload()}function regenerate2(){if (document.layers){appear()setTimeout("window.onresize=regenerate",450)}}function changetext(whichcontent){if (document.all||document.getElementById){cross_el=document.getElementById? document.getElementById("descriptions"):document.all.descriptionscross_el.innerHTML=''+whichcontent+''}else if (document.layers){document.d1.document.d2.document.write(''+whichcontent+' ')document.d1.document.d2.document.close()}}function appear(){document.d1.visibility='show'}window.onload=regenerate2//—>

World Peace—A Study of Concepts from The Urantia Book

3. What the Future Will Bring — Planetary Human Destiny

Obviously, war isn't yet just a matter of history and it won't be until, in the distant future, the goal of civilization, the era of light and life, is attained. Only then will there be total world peace.

Peace will spread gradually across the globe as the era approaches, but the eventuality of war will persist until light and life becomes a reality.

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