World Peace—A Study of Concepts from The Urantia Book

8. Nationalism Replaced by World Goverment

As students of The Urantia Book we urgently crave world peace, the cessation of war, harmony. We must also acknowledge that these ideals will not be immediately forthcoming until there are significant cultural and political changes world-wide and that those changes will come slowly. Do we see that peace, as the desired result, cannot be cultivated without first building a foundation that will support it and that building that foundation is a time-consuming evolutionary process? Nationalism is a forward step along that continuium. Brotherly love doesn't evolve until the loyalty to the tribe has been replaced by allegiance and devotion to the nation(1), (2), (3) which is then eventually superceded by global brotherhood; global peace may not be attained until the races are fairly well blended and speak a common language.

This might be a good time to pause and draw some conclusions for yourself. If conditions were right, how long would you estimate it might take for the clan and tribe nations of Earth to develop a true sense of nationalism? Add to that how long you think it might require for all the nations of the world to enter into a peaceful form of global government. How long might it take for one language to become universal? These each are prerequisites to lasting world peace.


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