Even to the seasoned reader of The Urantia Book, the concepts that are presented regarding the sheer SIZE of the universe can be staggering; readers' eyes may glaze over when trying to grasp the stupendous numbers and distances that are explained. Even with the many details that are supplied, these concepts are difficult of comprehension. Nonetheless, these revelations are important because they help all readers to get a glimpse of what's "out there," and to understand our place in the whole scheme of God's creation.

The revelators tell us:

15:0.3 It is important first to gain an adequate idea of the physical constitution and material organization of the superuniverse domains, for then you will be the better prepared to grasp the significance of the marvelous organization provided for their spiritual government and for the intellectual advancement of the will creatures who dwell on the myriads of inhabited planets scattered hither and yon throughout these seven superuniverses.

Richard Jernigan, a long-time student of the revelation and a talented filmmaker, has created a new video that will be a great help to anyone who desires to gain "an adequate idea" of the universe.

Urantia, Nebadon, and the Master Universe is a short (5 min) animation that effectively reduces these amazing concepts to understandable pieces.


It is interesting and important to know that this section of the universe in which our earth (Urantia) is located-the local universe of Nebadon-is the handiwork of our beloved Jesus of Nazareth, who, before he incarnated as the Babe of Bethlehem, was responsible for the creation of all we see around us...the earth upon which we live, the stars that we see in the heavens, the planets, the sun...and much more. Even now, he reigns supreme as the Sovereign of this universe and administers it with a loving and experienced hand.

When we know more about our surroundings and our place in the universe, we come to appreciate even more the fact that-out of all the millions of planets that he could have chosen-the Creator of the universe chose US-this little, seemingly insignificant blue planet called Urantia-as the place upon which to enact the greatest drama and the most thrilling demonstration of love and devotion of all time.

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