Only transformed individuals can create a transformed world; only better men and women can fashion a better society; only spiritually advanced citizens can architect a spiritually advanced civilization. ~ Vern B. Grimsley

Vern Grimsley was born in Garden City, Kansas. An alumnus of Culver Academy in Indiana, Vern later returned to Kansas to become one of the youngest radio newscasters and DJs in the nation while still finishing high school. His station - KNCO - reached Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma. Vern won the Kansas State Chamber of Commerce speaking and essay contest, meriting a trip to Washington, D.C. where fellow Kansan Dwight D Eisenhower personally congratulated Vern in the Oval Office.

Vern graduated from the University of Kansas in 1963, and in 1964, began the Spiritual Renaissance Broadcast over KFAX in San Francisco. By the late 1970s, his Worldwide Broadcasting Network was reaching all 50 states, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, the Middle East and China.

In 1981 Vern received the Prince of Peace Award "For extraordinary and continuous contribution in bringing hope, peace and the gospel of Christ to Jerusalem and all the peoples of the Middle East" from the Otis Star of Hope Foundation.

Vern spoke to civic audiences from coast to coast, and lectured for the American Management Association. His On Campus broadcasts were aired on American Forces Radio Network, and Radio Free Europe ran his special on Youth and Religion behind the Iron Curtain in several languages. Vern was interviewed three times by George McManus for his Peabody Award winning series on the CBS Network titled Man and his Religion.

At the height of his broadcast career, annual worldwide listenership to Vern's Spiritual Renaissance and On Campus programs was estimated at over 284 million per year.

Vern retired in 2004 following an illness, and he and his beloved wife, Nancy, live in the California mountains. Vern continues to write and broadcast, and his book, Fragments of Philosophy is nearing completion.

In these recordings, you will hear a small sample of life-changing speeches and broadcasts of Vern Bennom Grimsley.

The top twenty most popular broadcasts are:

1. The Thrilling Adventure Before Us
2. The Galilean
3. On Campus Eternal Questions Timeless Answers
4. Living Dynamically
5. The Psychology of Exuberant Living
6. Fragments of Philosophy
7. United Nations Speech
8. Speech To Urantia Book Readers Los Angeles 1971
9. Take Charge of Your Life
10. Finding Spiritual Lessons In Nature
11. Radio Talk Show
12. How Can Scientists Believe In God
13. Kendall College Evanston Illinois Summer 1975
14. Christy Emma L Christensen Memorial Service
15. Wit and Humor of the Urantia Book
16. Christmas Memories
17. So Send I You
18. 2000th Birthday of Jesus
19. God Loves You
20. Spiritual Renaissance Suite

Download, or play, all the mp3 files in the 5-CD boxed set of Speeches and Broadcasts of Vern Bennom Grimsley:

Disc I ~

Public Speeches (average length 45 minutes)

Vol1.01.Living Dynamically.mp3
Vol1.02.The Psychology of Exuberant Living.mp3

Spiritual Renaissance® Broadcasts (14 minutes each)

Vol1.03.On Campus Eternal Questions Timeless Answers.mp3
Vol1.04.The Galilean.mp3
Vol1.05.Take Charge of Your Life.mp3
Vol1.06.God Loves You.mp3
Vol1.07.Living Victoriously.mp3
Vol1.08.Living Courageously.mp3
Vol1.09.Finding Spiritual Serenity.mp3
Vol1.10.Finding Spiritual Lessons In Nature.mp3
Vol1.11.Conquering Negative Emotions.mp3
Vol1.12.How to Be Happy.mp3
Vol1.14.United Nations Speech.mp3
Vol1.15.You Have a Place In the Universe.mp3
Vol1.16.Find a New Vision of Life.mp3
Vol1.17.God Has a Plan for Your Life.mp3
Vol1.18.How to Live Zestfully.mp3
Vol1.19.How To Live Bursting with Energy.mp3
Vol1.20.You Have the Power to Change the World.mp3
Vol1.21.Discover a Joyous Inner Life.mp3
Vol1.22.Your Life Can Be Transformed.mp3
Vol1.23.The Kingdom of God is Within You.mp3
Vol1.24.Discover Eternal Truths.mp3
Vol1.25.Discover Your Purpose In Life.mp3
Vol1.26.God Can Empower Your Life.mp3
Vol1.27.The Joy of Spiritual Growth.mp3
Vol1.28.How to Enjoy Life.mp3
Vol1.29.Release Your Full Potentials.mp3
Vol1.30.Winning the Battle With Doubt.mp3
Vol1.31.Find Your True Self.mp3
Vol1.32.The Religion of Jesus.mp3
Vol1.33.Achieving Mental and Spiritual Health.mp3
Vol1.34.You can Change In Thought Word and Deed.mp3
Vol1.35.The Power of Positive Thinking.mp3
Vol1.36.Learning Lessons of Love.mp3
Vol1.37.Get Your Life Going.mp3
Vol1.38.Love Can Change Your Life.mp3
Vol1.39.Faith Can Transform Your Life.mp3
Vol1.40.Our Only Hope Is Spiritual.mp3
Vol1.41.Radio Talk Show on God.mp3
Vol1.42.Find the Power of Faith.mp3
Vol1.43.Find Your True Self.mp3
Vol1.44.Fragments of Philosophy.mp3
Vol1.45.Spiritual Renaissance Suite.mp3

Disc II ~

Vol2.01.Finding Spiritual Serenity.mp3
Vol2.02.The Secret Of Happiness.mp3
Vol2.03.Find Love.mp3
Vol2.04.Learn To Think In Synchrony With God.mp3
Vol2.05.How To Find Your Lifework.mp3
Vol2.06.How To Experience God.mp3
Vol2.07.How To Vanquish Tragedy.mp3
Vol2.08.Discover The Delightful Quest For Truth.mp3
Vol2.09.You Can Be Transformed.mp3
Vol2.10.Experience The Splendor Of God.mp3
Vol2.11.The Quest For Peace.mp3
Vol2.12.The Truth Shall Make You Free.mp3
Vol2.13.Finding Spiritual Lessons In Nature.mp3
Vol2.14.Conquering Negative Emotions.mp3
Vol2.15.How To Be Happy.mp3
Vol2.16.The Supreme Experience Of Life.mp3
Vol2.17.Discovering Eternal Truths.mp3
Vol2.18.The Joy Of Finding Yourself.mp3
Vol2.19.The Power Of Persistence.mp3
Vol2.20.God Has More In Store For You.mp3
Vol2.21.The Positive Psychology Of Faith.mp3
Vol2.22.The Applied Psychology Of Faith.mp3
Vol2.23.The Power Of Prayer Can Change Your Life.mp3
Vol2.24.How To Be Happy.mp3
Vol2.25.Answer The Challenge Of The Ages.mp3
Vol2.26.Truths To Transform Your Life.mp3
Vol2.27.Living Adventurously.mp3
Vol2.28.Priciples Of Spiritual Victory Part I.mp3
Vol2.29.How To Turn Trouble Into Triumph.mp3
Vol2.30.Principles Of Spiritual Victory Part II.mp3
Vol2.31.Get Your Life Going.mp3
Vol2.32.Love Can Change Your Life.mp3
Vol2.33.The Lavish Love Of God.mp3
Vol2.34.Overcome Your Limitations.mp3
Vol2.35.God Has A Wonderful Purpose For You.mp3 (#1)
Vol2.36.God Has A Wonderful Purpose For You.mp3 (#2)
Vol2.37.The Power Of Positive Thinking.mp3
Vol2.38.Learning The Lessons Of Love.mp3
Vol2.39.Christmas Memories.mp3
Vol2.40.A Christmas Concert.mp3
Vol2.41.The Science Of Faith.mp3
Vol2.42.Discover The Joy Of Worship.mp3
Vol2.43.Is The Absolute Obsolete.mp3
Vol2.44.You Are A Child Of God.mp3
Vol2.45.You Can Change In Thought Word And Deed.mp3
Vol2.46.The Joy Of Righteousness.mp3
Vol2.47.Finding Your True Self.mp3
Vol2.48.How To Use The Power Of Choice.mp3
Vol2.49.Finding Pure Joy.mp3
Vol2.50.What Do You Want Out Of Life.mp3
Vol2.51.You Can Change The World.mp3
Vol2.52.Radio Talk Show.mp3
Vol2.53.The Power Of God Can Transform Your Life.mp3
Vol2.54.The Secret Of Happiness.mp3
Vol2.55.Find The Power Of Faith.mp3

Disc III ~

Vol3.01.How To Get Motivated.mp3
Vol3.02.What Is Religion.mp3
Vol3.03.Discover The Power Of God.mp3
Vol3.04.Use The Power Of Faith.mp3
Vol3.05.Our Only Hope Is Spiritual.mp3
Vol3.06.Winning The Battle With Doubt.mp3
Vol3.07.You Can Know God.mp3
Vol3.08.How To Improve Your Life.mp3
Vol3.09.Find The Power Of Endurance.mp3
Vol3.10.The Kingdom Of God Is Within You.mp3
Vol3.11.Release Your Potentials.mp3
Vol3.12.Find The Meaning Of Life.mp3
Vol3.13.As You Think So Shall You Be.mp3
Vol3.14.How To Use Your Full Potentials.mp3
Vol3.15.The Teachings Of Jesus Can Change Your Life.mp3
Vol3.16.Seven Supreme Spiritual Truths.mp3
Vol3.17.Unleash The Power Of Faith.mp3
Vol3.18.The Family Of God.mp3
Vol3.19.Faith Can Transform Your Life.mp3
Vol3.20.The Enshackled Splendor Within You.mp3
Vol3.21.How To Live A Transformed Life.mp3
Vol3.22.Find The Satisfactions Of The Soul.mp3
Vol3.23.Discover Your Purpose In Life.mp3
Vol3.24.How To Deal With Your Difficulties.mp3
Vol3.25.Develop A Philosophy Of Life.mp3
Vol3.26.Find An Exciting Goal In Life.mp3
Vol3.27.How To Feel At Home On Earth.mp3
Vol3.28.God Can Empower Your Life.mp3
Vol3.29.Fulfill Your Potentials.mp3
Vol3.30.How To Live Abundantly.mp3
Vol3.31.How To Know What To Believe.mp3
Vol3.32.The Hope Of Eternal life. mp3
Vol3.33.The Joy Of Spiritual Growth.mp3
Vol3.34.The Dawning Spiritual Renaissance.mp3
Vol3.35.The Powerful Reality Of God.mp3
Vol3.36.How To Enjoy Life.mp3
Vol3.37.How Can Scientists Believe In God.mp3
Vol3.38.How To Live Fearless Of Life And Fearless Of Death.mp3
Vol3.39.The Love Of God Can Transform You.mp3
Vol3.40.UN Association Speech.mp3
Vol3.41.The Conquest Of Boredom.mp3
Vol3.42.You Have A Place In This Universe.mp3
Vol3.43.A New Version Of Life.mp3
Vol3.44.God Has A Plan For Your Life.mp3
Vol3.45.How To Cope With Confusion.mp3
Vol3.46.How To Enjoy Life.mp3
Vol3.47.How To Live Zestfully.mp3
Vol3.48.Find The Joy Of The Spiritual Life.mp3
Vol3.49.The Transforming Power Of God.mp3
Vol3.50.The Spiritual Renaissance Dawning.mp3

Disc IV ~

Vol4.01.Let God Give You Courage.mp3
Vol4.02.Discover Your Place In The Universe.mp3
Vol4.03.You Have The Power To Change The World.mp3
Vol4.04.Be Energized By The Spirit Of God.mp3
Vol4.05.Find Your Thrilling Purpose In Life.mp3
Vol4.06.Discover A Joyous Inner Life.mp3
Vol4.07.Your Life Can Be Transformed.mp3
Vol4.08.Faith Will Transform Your Life.mp3
Vol4.09.The Dawning Spiritual Renaissance.mp3
Vol4.10.The Enshackled Splendor Within.mp3
Vol4.11.How To Live Bursting With Energy.mp3
Vol4.12.How To Conquer Evil In Your Life.mp3
Vol4.13.Have Faith In God.mp3
Vol4.14.Find The Joy Of Worship.mp3
Vol4.15.The Joy Of Faith.mp3
Vol4.16.The Kingdom Of God Is Within You.mp3
Vol4.17.Find The Joy Of Life.mp3
Vol4.18.A Changed World Starts With You.mp3
Vol4.19.Rules For Living.mp3
Vol4.20.The Power Of Spiritual Serenity.mp3
Vol4.21.The Religion Of Jesus.mp3
Vol4.22.How To Have Peace Of Mind.mp3
Vol4.23.Discover The Joy Of Love.mp3
Vol4.24.AMA Lecture Part I .mp3
Vol4.25.AMA Lecture Part II.mp3
Vol4.26.AMA Lecture Part III.mp3
Vol4.27.AMA Lecture Part IV.mp3

Extra Disc ~

Speeches to Urantia Book audiences

01.The Thrilling Adventure Before Us.mp3
02.Speech To Urantia Book Readers Los Angeles 1971.mp3
03.Kendall College Evanston Illinois Summer 1975.mp3
04.Christy Emma L Christensen Memorial Service.mp3
05.Wit and Humor of the Urantia Book.mp3
06.The Grimsley's Speeches From The 1960s Love.mp3
07.The Grimsley's Speeches From The 1960s So I Send You.mp3
08.August 21 1994 2000th Birthday of Jesus.mp3

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William S Sadler and Vern Grimsley Chicago Summer 1964
With Dr William S Sadler. Chicago. Summer 1964

Vern Bennom Grimsley speaking at Mills College
Speaking at Mills College

Vern Bennom Grimsley Fishermans Wharf San Francisco
Fishermen's Wharf. San Francisco

Vern Bennom Grimsley on campus
On campus

Vern Bennom Grimsley and Mo Siegel 1982
With Mo Siegel. 1982

Vern Bennom Grimsley at Christy's Memorial Chicago Unin League Club
Speaking at Christy's memorial

Vern Bennom Grimsley live radio show 1980s
A live radio show. 1980's

Vern Bennom Grimsley in our studio
In his studio

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Vern Bennom Grimsley taping campus discussion
Taping campus discussion

Vern Bennom Grimsley Live talk-show guest
Live talk show guest

Vern Bennom Grimsley and Christy 1970 Grizzly Giant
With Christy. 1970. Grizzly Giant

Vern Bennom Grimsley speaking at Snowmass 1981
Speaking at Snowmass. 1981