Pure Line Adamic Race

Why weren't Adam and Eve able to sustain a pure line Adamic race as long as the Nodites were? Both groups started out with nearly identical numbers but the rebels were able to regenerate the purity of their race for almost 300,000 years while Adam's race was gone after just 15,000 years.

Adam and Eve in North America

Why didn't Adam and Eve go to North America where they could have flourished and built up their numbers in less hostile environs?

Mission Control for Adam and Eve

Why didn't Adam and Eve get trained for a possible "wily flank attack"? Do US Special forces get better mission training than Material Sons and Daugthers? Did the trainers of Adam & Eve run all possible scenarios and vulnerabilities to their mission? Does the Pentagon have more powerful computers than the celestials?

Adam and Eve's Default

Humans have endured much worse conditions (admittedly not quite as long) and not faltered when they were properly screened and trained. Why were Adam and Eve so disillusioned and easily distracted from their mission?

In the Presence of the Afflicted

Why did Jesus have to see and be in the physical presence of the afflicted before they could be healed? What filters prevent active mercy healing ministry and why? Does God intentionally limit his own consciousness of suffering?

The Adversities of Evolution

Why are evolutionary beings forced to exist on an intentionally defective planet with weather and environmental perils? Why don't we get an architectural world to live on? Why don't the celestials try existing with such perils?

Lucifer's Appeal

Why is is that there was enough discontent among such large numbers of certain groups of celestials that they thought Lucifer had a better idea?

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