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Solonia (The seraphic "Voice in the Garden")

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- Author of:

Paper 73 The Garden of Eden
Paper 74 Adam and Eve
Paper 75 The Default of Adam and Eve
Paper 76 The Second Garden

About the Voices in the Garden

The Voices of the Garden. When the planetary course of human evolution is attaining its highest biologic level, there always appear the Material Sons and Daughters, the Adams and Eves, to augment the further evolution of the races by an actual contribution of their superior life plasm. The planetary headquarters of such an Adam and Eve is usually denominated the Garden of Eden, and their personal seraphim are often known as the "voices of the Garden." These seraphim are of invaluable service to the Planetary Adams in all their projects for the physical and intellectual upstepping of the evolutionary races. After the Adamic default on Urantia, some of these seraphim were left on the planet and were assigned to Adam's successors in authority. ~ The Urantia Book, (39:5.3)

Solonia speaks:

And as the Material Son and Daughter thus communed in the moonlit Garden, "the voice in the Garden" reproved them for disobedience. And that voice was none other than my own announcement to the Edenic pair that they had transgressed the Garden covenant; that they had disobeyed the instructions of the Melchizedeks; that they had defaulted in the execution of their oaths of trust to the sovereign of the universe. ~The Urantia Book, 75:4.2

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