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Solitary Messenger

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Paper 107 Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters
Paper 108 Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters
Paper 109 Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creatures
Paper 110 Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals
Paper 111 The Adjuster and the Soul
Paper 112 Personality Survival

About Solitary Messengers

SOLITARY MESSENGERS are the personal and universal corps of the Conjoint Creator; they are the first and senior order of the Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit. They represent the initial creative action of the Infinite Spirit in solitary function for the purpose of bringing into existence solitary personality spirits. Neither the Father nor the Son directly participated in this stupendous spiritualization.

These spirit messengers were personalized in a single creative episode, and their number is stationary. Although I have one of these extraordinary beings associated with me on this present mission, I do not know how many such personalities exist in the universe of universes. I only know, from time to time, how many are of registry- record as functioning for the time being within the jurisdiction of our superuniverse. From the last Uversa report I observe that there were almost 7,690 trillion Solitary Messengers then operating within the boundaries of Orvonton; and I conjecture that this is considerably less than one seventh of their total number. ~ The Urantia Book, (23:0.1)

Please see Paper 23 The Solitary Messengers

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