Q: Is this incredible work of fiction supposed to be a lost part of the Bible no one knows about or something? I don’t understand how I’ve never heard anything about all these extra Bible readings..


A: Thanks so much for writing to us here at TruthBook with your question about The Urantia Book.

The Urantia Book is not a lost part of the Bible, although when someone who is familiar with the Bible reads it, they’ll find a lot of similarities with the Bible. Especially in Part IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus, one will find many, many similarities with the New Testament.

The Urantia Book is an epochal revelation of God to our world, mandated by universe government. It is the fifth of such revelations that have been steadily – but sparsely – delivered to us over a span of hundreds of thousands of years. Each revelation builds on the previous revelation; the incarnation of the Son of God as Jesus of Nazareth was the fourth revelation of God to us, and the fifth epochal revelation – The Urantia Book – builds on and fills in all the missing parts of that revelation – and much more.

Among those missing or distorted elements that The Urantia Book corrects for us are: the truth about God as a personality, the true mission of Jesus, and the restatement of his life with amazing detail, context, and clarity. All of this is missing from the Bible. Nevertheless, it is all we have had of his visit to our world up to now. This restatement is a record that has been preserved by the angels for centuries – eyewitnesses to his time here – and presented in the book, using human sources as well, to flesh out and further explain his original teachings and his matchless life.

The Bible was not compiled as an accepted Christian document until three or more centuries after Jesus was here, and has only been in wide circulation for a few hundred years. Nevertheless, it is the one source of information about the Master’s incarnation that has come down to us from those times. And for that reason it is important.

The Urantia Book uses Scripture throughout its pages, just as Jesus used Scripture in his public ministry: to further the truth about God and the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. But it adds an amazing amount of revealed information that we have not previously had that further illuminates and explains four main topics: the nature of God and his creation, the nature and makeup of our universe and the personalities that dwell there, the history of our planet earth (Urantia), and the true and unadulterated life and teachings of Jesus.

The unique feature of The Urantia Book as a revelation is that it is in the form of a book; all previous revelations have been in human, or semi-human forms, including Adam and Eve (the second epochal revelation), and Melchizedek (the third revelation). At no other time in history could such a book have been possible until the invention of the printing press about 600 years ago. Previous to this fifth epochal revelation, nearly all of the revelations ended in relative failure. You can read about all of the epochal revelations HERE.

You have never heard of this revelation because it has only been available to us since 1955 – just over 60 years. It has had no publicity, no mass-marketing; there is no human person or author associated with it, no profit being made by any individual because of it. It has been quietly being spread from one person to another for all these years, although since the internet it has become far more widely available on a global scale. It has a growing following in Latin America, Africa, India, and Russia, among many other countries and has been translated into 16 languages. You don’t mention it, but perhaps you yourself have found it online, like many others.

You may think of The Urantia Book as a work of fiction; I suppose that many do. However, if you take the time to read it, you may change your mind. Those of us who accept it for what it claims to be – a revelation of God – think of it as the most important, the most valuable book they have ever read.

Thanks again for your question. I hope you’ll follow the links in this reply to find out even more about The Urantia Book.

Date published: 2022-05-21 1:09
Author: Truthbook Staff