Q: Why do I lose everything which I want in my life? What should I do get my desires fulfilled?


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I can’t say why you seem to lose the things that you say you want the most as you don’t offer any details on your situation, but I can say that sometimes it’s better to be grateful for what one already has than to be unhappy about that one thing we can’t have. Gratitude opens the heart to God, and once you acknowledge his presence in your life, he many times gives you more and more to be grateful for. God knows you and what you need better than you know yourself, so it is a good idea to get to know God so that he may inform your choices in life for your highest good

The Urantia Book teaches us to pray for VALUES, not THINGS. And by that I mean things like: faith, peace, joy, loyalty, honesty, tolerance, and hope. Pray to become the best person you can be, and try your best to develop these values as you go through life.

Sincerely trying to find and do God’s will brings the highest happiness there can be. So, if you keep looking for peace, happiness, tolerance, forgiveness, and joy, you can’t go wrong. Everything else you could ever need gets added after that.

Here are some Urantia Book teachings on PRAYER, GOD WITHIN YOU, and GOD’S WILL

Thanks so much and best wishes. I hope you feel happier soon. If you sincerely try this advice, I suspect you will be…

:: Date published: 2015-11-17 10:46:44.667
:: Author: Truthbook Staff