Q: Reply to a desperate young Truth-Seeker

A:  (The following reply was given by one of our team to a young truth-seeker who wrote a very lengthy letter expressing a goodly amount of angst and confusion. This person is a new reader, but only after quite a lot of experiential seeking through magic, satanism, aliens, UFology, etc. S/he had now reached the point of finding The Urantia Book, but still had some searching questions regarding Truth. We add this excellent reply in hopes that it will minister to others in the same spot.)

Thank you for visiting our site and for your note to us with your comments and questions. I’ll take your points one by one.

We’re glad you’ve found The Urantia Book — one of its purposes is to address the kinds of confusion you’ve expressed you’ve been feeling and to shed light on how and why we are bewildered and to offer better initial assumptions upon which we can make the choices and decisions that are so necessary in order to have a meaningful and fulfilling life.

You’ve started your story by describing your rebellious attitude and your search for spiritual meaning; therefore you’ve had a spiritual longing that was seeking to be addressed but wasn’t met by the religious upbringing in your home life. You’re not alone; many people go through such a similar searching as well.

You wrote: I keep looking for something that i can call truth and belive in it without doubt. Sorry, but no one else can just give that to you — you’ll have to seek it out, discover it, learn it for yourself. As part of your makeup as a human being though you have the capacity to discern truth; it’s called a truth-response or a reality-response. You’ll know in your gut whether or not something is true, beautiful, good from the way it resonates with you. That’s what the search for truth entails; you’ll read, discuss, and give thought to new concepts and ideas then the choice becomes yours as to whether to follow your intuition regarding its truth, beauty, or goodness and whether to accept or reject it — no one else can give this to you; it’s personal and you own it.

As a human being you are endowed with a rational mind; it’s a gift intended to help you make choices that are for your betterment. In order for something to be considered true and believable to you you’ll have to reject emotional attachment to thoughts and actions that your rational mind prompts you are not true, beautiful, or good and that are working against your advancement as a kind, loving, empathetic, unselfish person. That’s a first step toward finding the truth and happiness you’re seeking.

You’ve reiterated how confused you are… that’s because your actions are in conflict with your thoughts and your inner aspirations. It’s also because you’ve based your actions on confusing and convoluted concepts that aren’t truth based but are instead the kind of emotional wishful thinking and rebellious choices children make.

You said: i want the truth, the only truth about everything in this world, i am tired of living like this . Well, it looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you, but that’s fine because you’re young and as long as you don’t squander your life further you’ll have a good long time to achieve your goals. In your own convoluted way of searching you’ve managed to stumble upon the profound truth that it is you and the rest of the world are searching for although most people don’t even know they’re searching or that they’re confused or that they’re building lives upon unsound and baseless principles.

You said: I don’t care about life anymore… I can assure you that if you’ll read and learn what The Urantia Book offers your life will become precious and a blessing. You’ve asked a number of specific questions too. They’re good questions, the kind of questions seekers ask, but I’m not going to provide answers now since I have a better recommendation.

Even though The Urantia Book is a challenge to read it’s written for you, not some group or some other person or for religious people or for non-believers; it’s written for you at the point in your life where you’ve discovered it… so as difficult as some of it may be to comprehend you will begin to understand it better the more you stay with it.

The purpose of our website is to help people get a grip on what The Urantia Book is all about so that they don’t have to dive right into the book by themselves and on their own. The Urantia Book is about personal discovery. You won’t be able to join a cult or a church or an in-group. All we have to promote is the book itself — it’s a book — we promote its teachings — if you read it your life will become new and valuable to you and to others. That’s what we wish to share with any truth seeker. We have no interest or desire to deceive or to coerce; there’s nothing to join or to contribute to; no one will contact you for anything; our site is simply a gift, just as The Urantia Book is a gift with no strings attached. Accept the gift willingly and gladly.

So, my recommendation to you, since you’ve now made this awesome and unfathomable discovery, is for you to ease into tackling something that’s so radically different from everything you’ve learned so far. Certainly feel free to read the book, because that’s what this is all based upon. The Urantia Book is available at most bookstores, through Amazon.com, at most libraries, and on-line on our site where you can read it and listen to it at the same time. But more than tackling the book I think you would benefit most by just spending time on our site and learning about it through the insights and impressions of others. Become familiar with what’s there. Each of the menu options along the top of each page contains a wealth of information about The Urantia Book. Check them out just to see what they hold. Watch the videos and other presentations that have been made available. Read the answers in the “Life Challenges” section.  Consider checking out our discussion forum where you can just read the interactions between Urantia readers and non-readers or you can join in and participate if you like. Click through the menu options on the top of our home page; Each option at the top opens a separate page with numerous other links for you to follow. A good many of your questions will be answered without you having even opened the book.

The Urantia Book covers an enormous amount of material. Our site is primarily devoted to promoting that aspect of the book relating to life and teachings of Jesus. Many people have trouble with Jesus, much of which stems from having him forced upon them in unappealing ways. Another of the objectives of The Urantia Book is to return the true Jesus to the people of the world. Jesus wasn’t a Christian and the Christian Church doesn’t own the rights to him; he came for everyone and our goal is to help people of all faiths and of no faith whatsoever rediscover and be reintroduced to who he was, why he came and what he means to you personally.

Your study assignment can take a good amount of time but I think you’ll find it both enjoyable and highly profitable. Please feel free to contact us again as you begin to get a more defined feeling about what this book has to offer to you.

:: Date published: 2014-05-22 14:52:24.09
:: Author: Truthbook Staff