Q: Why would a personality chose to NOT to go on to a career in eternity? Additionally, are there truly “swines” out there that UB tells us to not cast pearls upon? And if so, how do we know this or when do we know when to stop casting pearls?


About choosing not to survive–there are a number of different opinions about what transpires here because The Urantia Book is not very specific and this is a topic we’re all interested in and concerned about. It is my opinion that relatively few, if any, people can actually choose not to survive death while in this life–others disagree and think many people don’t make it to the mansion worlds. In any event, we can see the results of some pretty atrocious people doing very bad things but I don’t know that any of that equates to personality extinction; the angels know and understand our motives better than we do. The whole ascension scheme of surviving death to awaken on the mansion worlds, the remedial work and the 570 different levels of morontia life we experience while there, fusion with our adjuster, and the beginning of our Paradise ascension career as spirit beings is so thorough and complete it doesn’t seem to me to be designed for only a few ascenders. Each personality is unique–we each will contribute to the unfolding of the Supreme–so every personality that is extinguished leaves a void. So it’s my interpretation that here on earth this non-survival concern is not something to worry about—-particularly since our world has had so much happen to knock it off course and we’re experiencing the results of those abnormalities.

When the time does come to be able to make a full and informed choice about eternal personality survival only those spirit beings who no longer relate to reality would be candidates for non survival. That occurs when a being first begins to reflect upon themselves, starts to idolize their own personality, feeds their own ego, disengages spiritually from the cosmos–as exemplified by Lucifer.

Yes, there are “swines” among us–usually we won’t recognize them but I’m sure they stood out in Jesus’ eyes. The world is full of difficult people who would be redeamable if the right circumstances were presented to them–they can always have the opportunity for redemption on the mansion worlds however. Probably the best concept for what “swine” would be is that there are people who through faulty genetics or accident or bad personal choice no longer function with human will dignity–their connection to the higher adjutant mind spirits has been cut off. They look human and talk human but are really very high grade animal beings–they’d be sociopaths—-and there’s probably little if anything any of us could do that would be of value for them; it never hurts though to try to place that grain of sand that can become a pearl.

Becoming perfect is an ideal–good to hold before us in consciousness but unattainable on earth. The last perfect person was Jesus and before that was Eljah as far as we know. I think our Father in heaven wants us to become the best mortal being we’re capable of during this life. We’re not spirit beings–we’re so far from that state it’s nearly incomprehensible–we’re material beings with a spirit impulse. We have this one material life to live and experience before we’re off to a new level of experience that is closer to the spiritual existence but still far removed. We do well if while here not attempting to renounce our nature or to assume the cloak of being spiritual but if instead we work at being the best material being we can be, knowing that the more spiritual is our purpose.

Good that you’re sticking with reading The Urantia Book–like peeling an onion. It’s a life-time journey of adventure and discovery. Yes, it certainly can be confusing, but that’s not because it doesn’t make sense, it’s because we don’t yet understand, and rereading improves comprehension and understanding. There’s nothing else like it for the seeker.

There are my opinions and I hope they help provide some answers.

:: Date published: 2014-05-21 15:51:07.643
:: Author: Truthbook Staff