Q: It’s all very confusing, the life after death part! Simplistically, what actually happens when we die?

A:  Thanks so much for writing to us with this question about our life after death. Even with the revelatory information about the process that we have from The Urantia Book, it is understandable that there is some uncertainty. Death is still the “great unknown” in a lot of ways. Really, it is simply the “great adventure” that we all have yet to experience.

I suppose if this life here on Earth had been explained to you before you incarnated it would have seemed very confusing too, yet you gradually became aware of your surroundings, your mother and father’s faces, eating and sleeping and eventually the greater world around you. It’s a natural process and now it’s all familiar and natural to you…

Each night when you go to sleep you surrender your consciousness with the expectation that when you awake it will be given back to you just like it was when you went to sleep… and sure enough! Wouldn’t you expect that that’s pretty much what will occur when you die?

You’ll die, for whatever reasons, either peacefully or with struggle. You’ll gradually awaken as a newly arrived soul to new surroundings that you’ll become familiar with over time as you become aware of the greater world around you. Eventually you’ll recall that you’d had a previous life in the flesh, and that your personality had survived that death and that you are now embarked upon a fantastic new adventure.

In any event, you will lose consciousness at death, just as in nightly sleep—but we know from Urantia Book teachings, that we will awaken again on the Mansion Worlds. It is our faith and our desire for survival that ensures our awakening, so try not to be overly concerned—just cultivate faith and trust in God’s goodness.

At death, your Thought Adjuster takes leave of your mind, while your soul, your mind and your personality are taken by the angels and kept in perfect safety until your resurrection, which takes place when your soul is re-united with your Adjuster on the Mansion Worlds. You will be unconscious until that resurrection experience, and so it will be just like waking up here, only you’ll have that consciousness of having survived the death experience.

And don’t forget: Jesus provided the living proof that life continues after death through his resurrection… that we begin over there just as we left off over here. He was a human just as we are human. He rose from the dead, and so will you (except of course, you will awaken on the Mansion Worlds). Trust Jesus.

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Thanks again for writing to us.”

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 13:51:58.11
:: Author: Truthbook Staff