Life after death


Where do we go after we die?

The Urantia Book teachings offer a bold new spiritual vision of life after death in a loving, orderly, and intelligent universe. Upon death our souls are safely delivered to the mansion words where we begin our new life. After resurrection we start life right where we left off on earth except we have a new improved body and mind. Our meaningless memories disappear but we are real and so are our family and friends. This book offers the most believable afterlife explanation ever told. Take a look at Truthbook's online magazine published by our non-profit Jesusonian Foundation.

Top Facts About Life After Death

1. On most of the heavenly worlds there are enormous circular crystal receiving stations. One of these stations was described by John in the Bible as "the sea of glass." Some measure nearly one hundred miles in circumference and thirty miles in depth. These crystals function as receiving and broadcasting stations and as landing fields. We will spend many hours around these seas of glass, listening to news, attending cultural perfomances, and worshiping the Paradise Father.

2. The experience of loving and serving...

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