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Life after death questions
 Are there lost souls between heaven and earth?
 Why does "God" ordain that our pets cannot join us in the journey to Paradise?
 My beloved boyfriend passed away a few months ago; I want so much to talk with him
 Can departed souls hear us or feel our emotion?
 Must a person accept God and have faith BEFORE death, or is there a chance to survive and accept God AFTER death?
 Is the Life After Death experience the same for people of any and all faiths? What happens if you're a Muslim? Hindu? Christian? Catholic? Jewish? When we die, no matter what our life was like, do we all experience the same thing?
 Please help me understand why my son took his life. Was this planned or an unthought out decision? Why did he choose to live homeless when he knew he was hurting those around him? Where is my guardian angel now that I need him?
 My boyfriend died aged 29; will he wait for me in heaven and can we continue our relationship?
 A friend just lost her only grand child to a drug overdose. I know there is a passage that describes how the young are handled when passing over, could you direct me to that passage?
 Is Jesus in Heaven?
 If a person had a bad childhood can there still be something good about it in the afterlife?
 What does The Urantia Book mean in this verse: (516.1) 45:6.3?
 I've been listening to The Urantia Book on DVD and I just don't understand people dying at a young age
 I find myself to be more spiritual when I use drugs. Will there be drugs in heaven?
 I wonder if after their death is there a kingdom for our beloved pets and any animal that is killed. Does The Urantia Book mention this?
 I have noticed that everytime I have lost a loved one the sky turns pink, and it looks like heaven opens. What does The Urantia Book say about that.?
 A friend took his life...does The Urantia Book address this?
 Are personal characters and behaviors carried by the soul after death? Will a person act out these characters in the Father's mansions?
 As a catholic, I pray for the dead. I feel that prayers could be helping them move on. What do you think? Do we have to be somewhat of a Saint to resurrect after 3 days, as Jesus did?
 How Will I meet My Family Members if I Sleep For 1000 years?
 What happens when a baby dies or a mentally handicapped person dies? Do they go to the mansion worlds?
 If God is all knowing and all forgiving, then shouldn't we all go to Heaven?
 My son committed suicide at the age of 22. I feel guilt for not realizing his pain. Instead I was always pushing him to do better. Is there anything I can do now for him?
 Is there anything like Purgatory?
 Why do we have to learn other languages after we die? It is not more simple to communicate telepathically? I am not good learning languages - still trying to learn English.
 My departed husband...does he remember me?
 My son was 8 years-old when he passed away. I am still lost and confused. I lost my hope and faith. Please - I'm asking for help.
 How to go to heaven?
 Six Important Questions
 Does spiritual death mean the final destruction of the soul? Does the individual still go on living without the Thought Adjuster?
 It's all very confusing, the life after death part! Simplistically, what actually happens when we die?
 How much time will we have to live in heaven/paradise? forever or a certain amount of time?
 Does the Urantia Book discuss what happens to confused mortal souls who take their own life?
 If a woman has had three different husbands on earth, which one will she wind up with in Heaven?
 Without associating with any religious sect can a soul which is knowledgeable in science and history make it to the higher realms? Can relatives here on earth pray for a sleeping survivour to move him straight to the mansions?
 I have noticed that atheism is growing in popularity with the younger generations. What are your thoughts on atheism because I don’t see it going away anytime soon?
 Can the departed soul look back on us and see and feel how much we are thinking of him and missing him?
 Are we reincarnated in the sense that Buddhists believe?
 What happens to the majority of humans after death?
 We had a dear friend pass away 5 days ago from lung and head cancer. He passed away suddenly. Does he see us or hear us? Does he remember us?
 Do departed souls affect us? If they are not happy do they cause us suffering? Do we have to pay for the misdeeds and sufferings of our ancestors? It's unfair.
 Will we know one another in heaven?
 When I die and go to Heaven, how can I be happy when I realize that someone I love is not in Heaven with me?
 What happens to a child who dies in the womb?
 Am I Going To Heaven?
 Why would a personality chose to NOT to go on to a career in eternity? Additionally, are there truly "swines" out there that UB tells us to not cast pearls upon? And if so, how do we know this or when do we know when to stop casting pearls?
 After the curtain closes on this realm, will I be able to visit or spend time with other family members after they pass on?
 We just lost our 21 year old son. He was a good person but had not yet made a decision for God. Will he be a sleeping survivor?
 My mother and father are gone and I was their only child. I'm worried if they will remember me and that I'm still here on Earth when they're resurrected, will they remember me while I continue my test here on Earth?
 Is there life after death?
 What does The Urantia Book say about hell and judgment day?
 Is there one way to Heaven? Or many?
 Do our souls return to earth for other lifetimes, in different human forms?
 What happens to materialistic people when they die?
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