Q: I have noticed that everytime I have lost a loved one the sky turns pink, and it looks like heaven opens. What does The Urantia Book say about that.?

A:  The Urantia Book does not say anything about our being able to see heaven opening for our departed loved ones by looking at the sky. While it may be true that your loved one is enjoying their “heavenly” experience, the fact that you have seen a pink sky is in no way connected to that truth.

I think when we lose someone dear to us, we might naturally be sensitive to discern some kind of assurance that our loved one is safe and in heaven. And sometimes, nature provides what appears to us to be a “sign.” However, we really don’t need to see a pink sky, or a ray of sunlight, or a shooting star, or any other nature phenomenon to give us that assurance.

The Urantia Book is quite clear about survival:

5:1.8 The Father desires all his creatures to be in personal communion with him. He has on Paradise a place to receive all those whose survival status and spiritual nature make possible such attainment. Therefore settle in your philosophy now and forever: To each of you and to all of us, God is approachable, the Father is attainable, the way is open; the forces of divine love and the ways and means of divine administration are all interlocked in an effort to facilitate the advancement of every worthy intelligence of every universe to the Paradise presence of the Universal Father.

40:5.19 As to the chances of mortal survival, let it be made forever clear: All souls of every possible phase of mortal existence will survive provided they manifest willingness to co-operate with their indwelling Adjusters and exhibit a desire to find God and to attain divine perfection, even though these desires be but the first faint flickers of the primitive comprehension of that “true light which lights every man who comes into the world.”

5:5.13 …When the mind believes God and the soul knows God, and when, with the fostering Adjuster, they all desire God, then is survival assured. Limitations of intellect, curtailment of education, deprivation of culture, impoverishment of social status, even inferiority of the human standards of morality resulting from the unfortunate lack of educational, cultural, and social advantages, cannot invalidate the presence of the divine spirit in such unfortunate and humanly handicapped but believing individuals. The indwelling of the Mystery Monitor constitutes the inception and insures the possibility of the potential of growth and survival of the immortal soul.

155:6.17 Now, mistake not, my Father will ever respond to the faintest flicker of faith.

And so we see that survival is a fact; of course, survival is still dependent upon one’s personal choices and actions throughout a lifetime, but since just the faintest “flicker of faith” is required for survival, we can assume that most humans DO survive. God is not willing that any should perish.

I think it is a lovely thought—that your “pink sky” indicates the heavens opening for your loved one. I don’t see any problem with your holding that image in your mind and having loving and hopeful thoughts for your departed friend or family member if such a thought, and such a coincidence of events gives you some comfort. But, as far as Urantia Book teachings go, there is nothing in its pages that support such a belief. Instead, we find far more concrete teachings there that lend a far firmer assurance of survival into eternal life.

Please see our topical study on Life after Death where you’ll find links to “There is Life After Death” magazine, “After You Die” video and “You Can Live Forever”—also a short video. In addition, there is a large collection of Quote of the Day selections that hold even more Urantia Book teaching regarding the reality of eternal life. These features, along with the passages I have cited above, should help you get a firm assurance of the reality of life after death for your loved one, no matter how the sky may appear.

:: Date published: 2013-05-02 18:30:05.387
:: Author: Truthbook Staff