Q: Is the Life After Death experience the same for people of any and all faiths? What happens if you’re a Muslim? Hindu? Christian? Catholic? Jewish? When we die, no matter what our life was like, do we all experience the same thing?


Thanks so much for asking this question of us here at TruthBook. You don’t mention whether you are a Urantia Book reader, but I hope you are, and that you have read something about the adventure that awaits us in our eternal life.

Nowhere in The Urantia Book, that I know of, is there any discussion of people of different faiths having different experiences after death. The acsension plan is the same for all mortals, whether from Earth or another inhabited planet. It is the faith of the ascender that is important, and which is the passport to eternity – not the religious dogma or theology of various religions. That kind of faith can be had even without any formal religious exposure.

Regardless of when we awaken-in three days or one thousand years-we are repersonalized in the resurrection halls, we receive a new form, we have the same opportunities to look up our loved ones. And none of this is connected with any earthly church or religion; there is no such thing in the afterlife, as far as I can tell. All people, regardless of their religious orientation in the earthly life, experience pretty much the same thing. At least, that is what I understand from my reading of The Urantia Book.

As for what happen after our resurrection, we learn that, depending on where we were spiritually when we died, we proceed to deficiency ministry or some other aspect of mansion world life.

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Once this earthly life is truly over, when the immortal soul has taken final leave of the mortal body, and arrives on the Mansion Worlds, it would seem to me that we all start with a clean slate, so to speak, no matter what our perceptions may initially be.

Of course, no one has come back to tell us what it’s really like, so my answer is just my own opinion. The nearest we can come to a preview may be “near-death”experiences, which do seem to differ among Eastern and Western peoples, but these people come back to live their earthly lives, and there is no agreement on exactly what people experience when this kind of thing happens.

There’s simply no way to know if the actual experience of awakening on the Mansion Worlds differs among people of different religions, but I suspect that it does not. My feeling is that all remnants of our connection to earthly religion falls away from us when we awaken on the shores of that better world, where the reality of survival itself is the primary experience, and the reality of God is established beyond question. Our religious orientation in our earthly life serves as scaffolding only, and will be dismantled there, as it will no longer be needed.

Thanks again for this interesting question. I hope that this reply has been helpful; please feel free to write again, any time!

:: Date published: 2015-01-11 12:21:43.087
:: Author: Truthbook Staff