Q: We had a dear friend pass away 5 days ago from lung and head cancer. He passed away suddenly. Does he see us or hear us? Does he remember us?

A:  I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It must be hard to realize that your friend is gone so suddenly. Death seems always to take us by surprise, doesn’t it?…it sounds as if he may have isolated himself in his final weeks and months, and I am sure that that adds to your sense of loss. Please accept my condolences.

The good news is that you seem to believe that it is possible for your friend to still be “somewhere,” and you are exactly right. He is embarking on the supreme adventure, and it could be that he is right now awakening to his new life after death.

The Urantia Book teaches us that “death is only the beginning of an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery.” I hope you can be cheered to imagine that this voyage has now started in earnest, and your friend is happy. Of course, this will be the privilege of all of us eventually—to pass from the death of the material body to a new life in the never-ending quest for God.

In The Urantia Book, we learn that our loved ones DO remember us, and their life in the flesh. As to whether he can see you, that is not possible, as his new residence is quite far away. But as you remember him, so does he remember you, and he’ll be waiting to greet you and all of his other friends and family as they leave the planet, too, as a result of natural death. At that time you will most certainly see each other, so that is something that can give you great hope.

The Urantia Book contains a wealth of comforting material about the subject of Life after Death; Please feel free to visit HERE for much more information—you may especially like to see our videos “After You Die,” and “You Can Live Forever,” found on the same link.

Again, my sympathies are with you in this difficult time.”

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 13:45:28.44
:: Author: Truthbook Staff