Q: Can the departed soul look back on us and see and feel how much we are thinking of him and missing him?

A:  That’s a good question with a difficult answer. If we answer “no” there’s no looking back, then that destroys the hope and anticipation so many people carry with them about being comforted and loved by their departed loved ones and their devotion to the memories of those who have died. If we answer “yes” then we’re ignoring what The Urantia Book teaches about life and life after death and promoting ghost belief and thoughts of spirit intervention into our daily lives.

The Urantia Book makes it clear that we’re under the watchcare of angels; that’s the job they’re assigned and they fulfill their obligation fully, lovingly, and with compassion. The angels are also responsible for transporting the souls of the departed to the mansion worlds — there are no souls left wandering about earth, they’re either placed in a spiritual slumber or they’re taken to the mansion worlds which are both physically far away and mindally far removed.

It is possible however that mindal energies that were used by the departed are still active here on earth, at least for a while — that may account in some manner of the experiences people relate about connections with the departed. It is also possible that those starting out on their mansion world careers may wish to assure their loved ones that they’re alive and well and such a desire may be carried back by angels to be delivered in such a way that it seems as though there’s been contact. It’s also possible that the departed are simply in a spiritual sleep state until other loved ones join them before they pass as a group to the mansion worlds. In any case it would still be within the realm of possibility that the angels of our supervision simply provide encouragement and comfort to us in the most meaningful of ways to ease our sorrow, grief, and burden.

So to be specific, we’re not told that departed souls can look back and feel how much we are thinking and missing them. There will be meetings of loved ones on the mansion worlds, whether all are resurrected at the same time or whether there’s a delay. It’s true that the journey is an individual one but we always do it in concert with others and loved ones play an important part in everything we do.

I hope that reply brings you some comfort.”

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 13:46:52.75
:: Author: Truthbook Staff