Q: What is a “real” atheist vs a skeptic? Real atheists go not just up against superstition in religion, they go up against God himself – like Richard Dawkins and Nietzsche.

A:  I have little or no experience with “true atheists.” and maybe I am confusing atheism with skepticism, but it seems reasonable that a person who denies God is not a mere skeptic. Skeptics are more appropriately called agnostics, as they may entertain at least the possibility of a Deity. But a “true atheist” would, of course, refuse guidance from a (to them) fictitious god. I don’t see a problem there with naming them as they are.

Unbelievers of all levels tend to disbelieve because they like logic and there’s not a lot of logic in most religions so they toss God out too. The Urantia Book is the best logical proof, if it can be called proof, that an unbeliever can encounter–if they can read The Urantia Book–or particularly the first 5 Papers of The Urantia Book–and still disbelieve, then they’re a true unbeliever and can take pride in their well-earned unbelief.

What you seem to be describing is a class of persons who actually DO believe in God, but who are deliberately trying to destroy him in some way, as Lucifer tried to do. In this case, I stand by my original premise—that this kind of person is actually quite Spirit-minded, but fighting a losing battle trying to convince believers (and themselves) that their experience is not real. If this is the case, if this person knows God, and then deliberately rejects him, part and parcel, then I would say that is a serious matter, indeed. Not for me, or for you, but for the soul of that misguided person. Yes, if Lucifer had “tin-hat” technology (an amusing mental picture for me…), he surely must have used it to block out God’s offers of mercy and forgiveness and love. I can’t imagine the effort that might take, once having had the experience of God.

I am not surprised that Nietzsche ended his life in an insane asylum, as “cosmic insanity” is the lot of those who knowingly reject God and his loving mercy, after having had the experience of him. So much for HIS success in destroying God…!

In the case of one who simply has not discovered God as yet, and who would classify themselves as an atheist, I would say that there is still a chance for them, as they are simply misguided, and still possess as much a capacity for knowing God as any of us. I suspect that this kind of person might still have a “faint flicker of faith” in at least the possibility of life after death , in which case they are assured a place in Mansonia, where their deficiencies will be addressed.

I don’t know where the atheists are. I have heard of Dawkins, of course—and there are others who have joined his bandwagon—but they do not concern me. I believe wholeheartedly in God, and I have no fear that any human effort can possibly unseat God in my heart or in the hearts of believers. God is not in any danger from human misunderstanding, although the “idea” of God has been in jeopardy at times in our planet’s history. God has long been misunderstood, and that is why The Urantia Book is such a vital addition to our planet, as it dispels all past erroneous ideas and replaces them with the Truth of God, presented in a logical, dispassionate, and very compelling fashion.

Are you worried that the avowed atheists can do, or are doing, any real harm? I do have some concern that a searching soul could be led astray by such evil, but then, if an honest person is sincerely seeking God, we learn in The Urantia Book that that person will surely be successful in finding him, regardless of any external sophistries offered by unbelievers. The sincere search for God is an “inside job,” and is not seriously affected by the opinions of others, as personal experience provides the ultimate proof, and once experienced, it seems unthinkable that one could go backwards. But I guess some do, unfortunately…and not only backwards, but then they try to actually destroy God for others. What a shame…This evokes in me a sort of pity for the atheist, whose life could be so much more rich with just a simple choice for faith. But then, I guess it is not really simple, after all…if it were, we would have a far different world than we do.”

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 14:25:43.593
:: Author: Truthbook Staff