Q: Are Angels real?


Angels are very definitely real. The Urantia Book devotes quite a lot of time and effort to educate us about them and their role in assisting human beings—throughout our lives, and into the life after death. Among other things, we learn that angels “love human beings, and only good can result from your efforts to understand and love them.” The following quotes are just a sampling of Urantia Book teachings about angels. And at the bottom, there’s a link that will take you to an indepth study of these marvelous ministers.

From The Urantia Book:

The angelic hosts are a separate order of created beings; they are entirely different from the material order of mortal creatures, and they function as a distinct group of universe intelligences.

The angels are the spirit servants in heaven, and they are neither all-wise nor all-powerful. But all of the loyal angels are truly pure and holy. (167:7.1)

The teaching about guardian angels is not a myth; certain groups of human beings do actually have personal angels. It was in recognition of this that Jesus, in speaking of the children of the heavenly kingdom, said: “Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones, for I say to you, their angels do always behold the presence of the spirit of my Father.” (113:1.1)

Angels are so near you and care so feelingly for you that they figuratively “weep because of your willful intolerance and stubbornness.” Seraphim do not shed physical tears; they do not have physical bodies; neither do they possess wings. But they do have spiritual emotions, and they do experience feelings and sentiments of a spiritual nature which are in certain ways comparable to human emotions.

The seraphim act in your behalf quite independent of your direct appeals; they are executing the mandates of their superiors, and thus they function regardless of your passing whims or changing moods. This does not imply that you may not make their tasks either easier or more difficult, but rather that angels are not directly concerned with your appeals or with your prayers. (113:5.0)

Please see Angels in The Urantia Book on our site for a comprehensive look at these most wonderful beings.

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