Jesusonian Foundation announces the launch of it's beautiful newstate-of-the-art website, developed exclusively to disseminate the superb spiritual teachings of TheUrantia Book. This Internet resource can be found at /, and willundoubtedly facilitate a greater knowledge and understanding of the teachings of The Urantia Book being primarily designed for individuals who know little or nothing about it.

Jesusonian Foundation has created to take full advantage of the opportunity the Internet provides to reach potentially millions of people with the astonishing and life changing truth, beauty and goodness of The Urantia Book . Over the past 18 months our web team has worked diligently to create in an exquisite web presence worthy of book's teachings.

Here are just some of the beneficial features of the TruthBook site:

  • The entire searchable text of The Urantia Book and four translations.
  • A secure online store featuring all translations and editions of The Urantia Book and numerous supportive works.
  • An interactive prayer room and problem solving room.
  • Downloadable versions of the world's great religious texts within a searchable database. [Baha'i Faith Texts, The Dhammapada, Confucian Analects, Doctrine of the Mean, The Apocrypha, The Old Testament, The New Testament , Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, The Qur'an, Torah (The Law), Nevi'im (The Prophets), Ketuvim (The Writings) & the Tao Te Ching.]
  • Current religious news and special features.
  • A huge collection of heartwarming and humorous stories.
  • A comprehensive FAQ.
  • 25 topical studies from The Urantia Book, with 25 more to be added soon.
  • In depth study pages devoted to Jesus, Angels, Family and Science.
  • A huge gallery of beautiful Jesus and angel paintings as well as fabulous Hubble photography and nature scenes accompanied by pertinent UB quotes.
  • An online introduction to the book and an online magazine on life after death.

When you visit TruthBook be sure to subscribe to the Quote Of The Day and a beautifully formatted gem of wisdom from The Urantia Book will arrive in your email daily to inspire you.

In Faith and Friendship,

Paula Thompson
Director, Jesusonian Foundation