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  • Joachim & Hannah
    • Joseph's brothers:

      Joseph (Jesus' father) had eight brothers and sisters: 122:5.1
      their home in Nazareth had been built by Joseph with the assistance of two of his brothers: 122:5.9
      their home in Nazareth was occupied for more than three years by one of Joseph’s married brothers while Joseph and Mary and Jesus were in Egypt: 123:1.1
      in his carpentry shop Joseph worked with two of his brothers: 123:1.6

    • Mary, mother of Jesus:

      alarm of, at strange behavior of Jesus: 126:0.2, 126:3.13
      ability as a homemaker: 122:5.7
      and Ruth, removal of, to the Capernaum home: 134:1.6
      appearance of Gabriel to. 8 B.C.: 122:0.3, 122:2.6
      appreciation of Jesus' home responsibility by: 127:1.8
      arrival of, at Golgotha: 187:2.7
      at Mark home: 193:6.1
      conflicting love and fear of, for Jesus: 154:6.1
      death of: 187:4.7
      departure of, from Bethany, to see Jesus: 186:0.2
      from Golgotha, with John and Jude: 187:4.7
      efforts of, to induce Jesus to join the Zealots: 127:2.3
      inability of, to understand Jesus: 128:7.7
      Jesus' attention to: 134:1.3
      John's taking of, to his Bethsaida home: 190:1.10
      John and Jude's support of, at Jesus' cross: 187:4.7
      plan of, to prevent the marriage of Jesus and Rebecca: 127:5.1
      presence of, at Jesus' crucifixion: 187:3.2
      racial characteristics of: 122:1.2
      reaction of, to Jesus', 'I have no mother...', 154:6.6

      to Jesus' rebuke at the Cana wedding: 137:4.5
      to Jesus' silence after his Mediterranean trip: 134:1.5

      recognition by, of Jesus as the real head of the family: 127:3.13
      temperament of: 122:5.2
      two brothers and two sisters: 122:3.3
      visit of, to Elizabeth: 122:2.6

      with Elizabeth, and their discussion about their sons' futures: 127:3.11

      Joseph, father of Jesus:

      ancestry of: 122:1.1
      as a builder, success of: 123:3.7
      as a workman in Alexandria: 123:0.1
      an occurrence of the natural order: 126:2.2

      burial of, in Nazareth: 126:2.1
      dream of: 122:4.0

      death of: 122:5.2, 124:1.11, 126:2.0, 128:3.1
      family of, Jesus' grief at absence of, from Bethsaida goodbye visit: 141:0.2
      financial status of, at birth of Jesus: 122:7.4, 122:10.2
      inability of, to answer Jesus' questions: 124:6.14
      people of, rejection of Jesus by: 182:3.9
      presence of, at Jesus' graduation: 124:5.5
      racial characteristics of: 122:1.1
      reaction of, to Gabriel's visitation: 122:4.1
      responsibility of, for Jesus' intellectual and religious training: 123:2.13
      temperament of: 122:5.1

      Joseph and Mary:

      efforts of, to answer Jesus' questions: 123:2.3
      Gabriel's choice of, as earth parents of Michael: 122:0.3
      home life of: 122:6.2, 123:0.3, 156:6.1, 174:5.1-2, 177:3.5, 188:1.7, 188:3.3, 189:4.2, 190:1.9, 190:3.0, 192:0.3
      length of sojourn of, in Alexandria: 122:10.4
      possession of superior personality endowments by: 122:1.3
      reaction of, to the boy Jesus' conduct in Jerusalem: 124:3.6, 125:6.5
      return of, to Jerusalem, in search of Jesus: 125:4.2, 125:5.1

      • Jesus:

        Michael, before his birth as Jesus:

        identity of: 57:3.8, 98:7.2
        1st bestowal: 119:1.0
        2nd bestowal: 119:2.0
        3rd bestowal: 119:3.0
        4th bestowal: 119:4.0
        5th bestowal: 119:5.0
        6th bestowal: 119:6.0
        7th and final bestowal: 119:7.0

        Part IV — The Life and Teachings of Jesus

        Michael's return:

        authenticity of promise of, to return to Urantia: 20:4.5
        Michael will return sometime (as he promised) to finish his bestowal Son tasks as the spiritual uplifter, a job that he couldn't complete because he came before the mindal uplift of the Magisterial Son (or Sons). Michael may also wait for further biologic uplift, which some of the revelators speculate may be fostered by Machiventa in the additional role as Material Son. 93:10.6

        Loose ends:

        children of Jesus: there are none. Creator sons do not mate with their children: 120:3.8.
        marriage of Jesus: there was none. The purpose of marriage is to raise a family; Jesus' family consisted of his mother, brothers and sisters: 120:3.8

      • James, brother of Jesus:

        assumption of full responsibility for the Nazareth family by: 127:2.9, 128:2.3, 129:2.5
        attitude of, toward Jesus' life mission: 127:3.5
        baptism of: 135:8.6
        birth of: 123:1.5
        characteristics of: 127:4.7, 135:8.2
        conference of, with Jesus, about his marriage: 128:5.7
        conversation of the morontia Jesus with: 190:2.3
        employment of, in Zebedee's boatshop: 134:1.1
        and Esta, marriage of: 128:7.10
        exclusion of, from Jesus' inner circle of associates: 138:0.1
        faith of, in Jesus: 137:3.3, 137:7.1
        and his first Passover: 127:3.3
        graduation of: 127:2.11
        Jesus' appeal to Andrew for help for: 192:2.7

        childhood teaching of: 123:6.4

        the later head of the Jerusalem church: 163:2.7, 166:5.3, 194:4.12

        limited faith of, in Jesus: 154:6.1
        post-Jesus connection of, with the Christian movement: 154:6.9
        reception of, into the commonwealth of Israel: 127:3.5
        religious nature of: 127:3.2

      • Miriam, sister of Jesus:

        birth of: 123:2.3
        characteristics of: 127:4.8
        effect of Jesus' rejection of marriage on: 127:6.2
        and Jacob, marriage of: 128:5.8, 128:7.10
        teaching of Ruth by: 127:1.5

        Jacob, husband of Miriam:

        a boyhood friend of Jesus: 123:1.4, 123:5.15, 124:2.4, 128:2.2, 133:1.5
        the younger stone mason, Miriam's betrothed: 128:5.8

      • Joseph, brother of Jesus:

        attitude of, toward belligerent playmates: 127:4.5
        birth of: 123:4.9
        characteristics of: 127:4.7
        limited faith of, in Jesus: 154:6.3
        onetime residence of, in old Nazareth home: 134:1.6
        preparation of, for becoming head of the Nazareth family: 128:5.7
        relation of the youthful Jesus with his brother: 124:4.3

      • Simon, brother of Jesus:

        appreciation of Jesus as his father-brother by: 128:3.7
        birth of: 123:6.7
        characteristics of: 127:4.7
        journey to the Passover by Jesus and: 128:3.1
        work of, with Jason the stone mason: 128:2.2

      • Martha, sister of Jesus:

        assumption of home responsibilities by: 128:7.12
        birth of: 124:1.7
        characteristics of: 127:4.8
        home improvements after birth of: 122:6.3
        preparations of, for position as eldest daughter: 128:5.8
        relation of the youthful Jesus with his sister: 124:4.3
        teaching of Ruth by: 127:1.5
        wedding of: 129:1.6

      • Jude, brother of Jesus:

        absence of, from the apostles' study sessions, reason: 137:7.1
        arrest of, in Jerusalem: 128:6.5
        arrival of, at Golgotha: 187:2.7
        attitude of, toward belligerent playmates: 127:4.5
        baptism of, date: 135:8.6
        belief of, in resurrection of Jesus: 190:2.5
        birth of: 124:3.4
        characteristics of: 127:4.7
        contributions of, to Nazareth family support: 128:7.11
        declaration by, of his belief in Jesus: 137:3.3, 137:5.2
        effects of his marriage on: 128:7.8
        graduation of: 128:6.3
        and John Zebedee, the only men believers present at Jesus' death: 187:5.1
        patriotic outbursts of, results: 128:6.7
        recognition of Jesus' greatness by: 129:1.13
        support of his mother at Jesus' cross by: 187:4.7 wedding of: 134:1.4

      • Amos, brother of Jesus:

        birth of: 124:5.2
        death of: 127:3.13
        relation of the youthful Jesus with: 124:4.3

      • Ruth, sister of Jesus:

        absence of, from Bethsaida good-bye, reason: 141:0.2
        affection of, for Jesus: 127:4.8, 128:6.10
        arrival of, at Golgotha: 187:2.7
        attempt of, to elude the Pharisees: 157:0.1
        belief of, in Jesus' divine mission: 145:0.3, 154:6.1, 190:2.2
        birth of: 126:3.2
        characteristics of: 127:4.8
        Jesus' care of: 126:3.2, 134:1.3
        marriage of, to David: 190:1.10
        presence of, at Jesus' crucifixion: 187:3.2
        secret visit of, with Jesus, at Capernaum: 145:0.3

        David, brother of apostles James and John Zebedee

        activities of, after the crucifixion: 171:1.5, 190:2.2
        advised of progress of plan to kill Jesus: 178:2.3
        assistance of Jesus by: 145:1.1
        attempt of, to dissuade Jesus from going into the hills alone: 177:0.3
        belief of, as to Jesus' death: 177:3.3
        closing of the Pella camp by: 171:1.4
        the dependable: 186:3.0
        desire of, to establish encampment at Capernaum: 152:2.1
        direction of Peter to Andrew's hiding place by: 184:2.9
        emergency council call by: 154:5.1
        employment at fishing of: 149:0.4
        farewell of, to Jesus: 182:2.10
        at the home of Nicodemus: 188:3.3, 189:4.2
        host of the Pella camp: 165:4.5
        inclination of, to believe the story of Jesus' resurrection: 190:1.2
        interest of, in Jesus as a mechanic: 129:1.12
        Jesus' fishing trips with: 154:2.3

        praise of the service and devotion of: 182:2.10
        promise to, of service in the eternal kingdom: 182:2.10
        request of, for a messenger to go to Abner: 182:2.5

        last address of, to the messenger corps: 190:1.4
        and leadership provision for the messenger corps: 154:5.3
        maintenance of headquarters for work of the kingdom by: 149:0.4
        marriage of, to Ruth: 190:1.10
        messengers of, arrival of, at Zebedee home: 154:6.11

        communication between evangelist groups provided by: 150:6.2
        detail of 6, to maintain contact with Jesus: 154:7.2
        report of, to believers' conference: 159:6.2

        messengers' confidence in: 190:1.6
        one of the few to believe in Jesus' resurrection: 186:3.4, 188:1.8
        opening of home of, to Zebedee and Salome: 138:5.4
        plan of, for reunion of Jesus' family: 157:0.1
        presence of, at the Bethany appearance of the Morontia Jesus: 190:2.6
        presence of, in Jerusalem during the last tragic week: 171:1.5
        reaction of, to Jesus' query about his family: 177:5.1
        rebukes the apostles' skepticism: 190:1.3
        relinquishment of Pella-equipment funds to Judas by: 172:2.3
        report to Jesus by, of Judas' betrayal plan: 182:2.5
        return of, to Bethsaida: 163:5.2
        sale of the camp equipment by: 171:1.4
        secret camp of, after Jesus' crucifixion: 186:3.1
        sending out messengers by, with news of Jesus' death: 187:6.1
        sending out messengers by, with news of the resurrection: 190:1.5
        a son of Zebedee: 129:1.5
        summoning of Jesus' family to Jerusalem: 177:3.3
        supervisor of the Bethsaida camp: 148:0.5
        taking over of apostolic funds from Judas by: 178:2.10
        Treatment of Kirmeth by: 148:8.3
        welcoming of Jesus and the 12 to the new camp by: 176:2.9

    • Mary's brothers:

      Fisherman uncle of Jesus on the shores of the Sea of Galilee near Magdala: 123:6.1, 124:2.7, 124:3.1
      another uncle's farm (Mary's brother) five miles south of Nazareth: 123:6.1, 124:1.2, 124:1.11, 124:3.1, 128:7.8
      Jesus’ uncles and aunts were all very fond of him: 123:6.2
      Mary' brother, Jesus’ favorite uncle: 125:6.13
      The family supply shop taken over by Jesus' uncle: 126:5.8
      Mary’s brother Simon, one of Jesus' uncles: 127:2.4
      Mary's two brothers and two sisters, as well as her parents Joachim and Hannah: 122:3.3

    • Salome, sister of Mary: 122:3.3

    • Martha, sister of Mary: 122:3.3

      tarrying of, by Jesus' tomb: 188:1.7